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Which political force would you vote for if Parliamentary or local elections were held today?

Wednesday, July 15
“Neither today, nor tomorrow, nor after a year am I going to vote at the elections because all of the parties and so-called politicians are the same. No difference at all. I don’t believe in them or their elections.”
Tamar, pensioner, 68

“I really don’t know, maybe I will vote for Irakli Alasania and his party, if he forms such a party.”
Zviad, driver, 43

“I will vote for the Republicans, I like these people and their point of view. All of them are modest and smart and not eccentrics and criminals.”
Gia, teacher, 51

“I will vote for the ruling party again. Definitely they have made serious mistakes but it seems we don’t have alternatives who will be stronger than this party and President. What did the opposition do? Standing in the streets for months, they made their supporters tired and all in vain. Nothing happened after all and we have the same President and the same Government. I am sure the opposition leaders will never rule the country well.”
Sopho, student, 20

“I would vote for Alasania’s political team, not because those around him are very clever politicians but because Alasania himself is quite serious, and I hope that under his leadership his team will take the right political course.”
Ana, musician, 29

“Maybe you will not believe this but I was one of the opposition’s active supporters, but if the President declares elections I will vote for his team. I don’t believe in the opposition any more and think that if they have not managed to change the regime in this country over this long period they will not be able to run the country.”
Gaga, student, 19

“I would vote for the National Movement, because it is the only party that has done something good. Of course they have made mistakes, but all the other parties do nothing but talk and criticise the current Government.”
Dato, engineer, 51

“It is very hard to give preference to any party in Georgia. I don’t know their programmes and proposals, however no matter what these parties promise before the elections they never accomplish it after they win.”
Rezo, driver, 42