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Do you think that blocking off the streets should be illegal?

Thursday, July 16
“Yes, I think it should be illegal because everyone is fed up with such a long blocking of the main road in Tbilisi. It should be restricted by all means.”
Ia, tour operator, 23

“It depends on how the streets will be blocked. If there are so many people in the street that it is blocked that should be legal, because those people are not crazy enough to stand in the street without serious cause. On the other hand it should be illegal to block the streets with camps or cells or things like this. We have seen a perfect example - when a huge number of people came out into the streets people did not object when they blocked Rustaveli Avenue or Kostava Street, but when these were blocked with cells people protested and I did too.”
Merab, teacher, 52

“Generally , people block the streets for a certain purpose, as in the case of Rustaveli, but the current situation gives the Government the right to unblock the street, even illegally, because nobody is aware of why those cells are standing there.”
Natia, student, 23

“Definitely, I support this idea because blocking streets with cells without people in them for months and ages is just stupid!”
Ana, PR manager, 31

“No, it should be legal, because it is one of the ways to express protest against the Government. What was done wrong when the opposition blocked the streets?”
Leila, babysitter, 42

“Yes, I am absolutely in agreement with this initiative because blocking streets suspends the normal life of the city, and especially when you are travelling by car and you have to stand in traffic jams for hours it’s terrible.”
Nika, student, 20

“I fully agree that blocking the streets will never bring any good result, moreover more and more people are getting irritated and even the opposition have lost many supporters because of the nonsensical decision to block the main streets. I don’t like this Government at all, they have almost destroyed the country, but this does not mean that the opposition should also take wrong steps and create cities of cells or tents.”
Tamriko, musician, 36

“Yes, I think this will be good. Blocking the streets violates the rights of common citizens. It effectively changes the lifestyle of the people”.
Teo, actress, 27

“I was so annoyed during the April rally that I’m all for this now. I couldn’t go to work and I used to be late everywhere I had to go. This was very uncomfortable for me. Of course the rally and blocking the streets had a direct aim but it has lasted too long this time. I think there should be some limits to this.”
Irma, dentist, 35

“No it shouldn’t. Nobody blocks the streets for their own pleasure. This always serves some purpose and in my opinion making some kind of law against it is pure censorship.”
Saba, student, 20