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Problems with illegal Georgian immigrants

By Messenger Staff
Monday, July 20
The conditions of illegal immigrants in EU countries are becoming more and more difficult. For instance Italy has already activated a law which permits the detaining of illegal immigrants and their immediate deportation from the country. Similar laws are in the process of being adopted in other countries.

For Georgians who are living as illegal immigrants in different countries, and particularly in Russia, things are getting tougher. Russia in particular hosts very many Georgian immigrants and the Moscow Mayor’s Office has stated that by 2010 only 142,000 foreigners will be allowed to legally get jobs in the capital. Immigrants from Georgia will either be deported or return home voluntarily to unemployment and a very difficult social and economic situation, because the only income source their families had was the money they themselves sent home.

According to rough estimates around a million Georgians live outside the country so even if half of these returned this would immediately double or triple the number of poor in the country. The state should do something very urgently, otherwise the situation will deteriorate very rapidly, think economic analysts. Meanwhile the Georgian administration has started working on the protection of rights of Georgian labour migrants. International labour organisation experts will be arriving in Georgia to assist in preparing a special project protect the rights and conditions of labour of Georgians overseas.

According to official statistics 35,000 people left Georgia in 2000. In 2001 this figure was 32,000, in both 2002 and 2003 it was 27,000. In 2004 only 5,000 left, but in 2005 76,000 migrated. In 2006 12,000 Georgians migrated, in 2007 20,000. For 2008 no exact figure is available but it is roughly 10,000. Therefore over the last eight years more than 200,000 people capable of working have left this country for good.