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Constructing roads still a priority

By Messenger Staff
Monday, July 20
Constructing and rehabilitating roads is still one of the major priorities for the current administration. This should be welcome as there will be no progress in economic development without a solid road infrastructure in the country.

In 2009 it is promised that around 550 kilometres of road will be rehabilitated and 25 kilometres of new road with concrete surfaces will be laid. Recently a 50-kilometre segment of the Tbilisi-West Georgia motorway, from Sveneti to Ruisi, has begun to be constructed. Two parallel 800-metre tunnels will be built and two 800 metre viaducts with appropriate infrastructure attached. Head of the Road Department Ramaz Nikolaishvili has stated concerning this segment that the administration is much concerned with ecological and agricultural factors.

In 2010 it is planned to start reconstructing the Tbilisi-Telavi road via Gombori, thus reducing the travelling time between Tbilisi and Telavi to just one hour rather than three. The construction of motorways will also seriously contribute to the development of a tourist infrastructure and agriculture.