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Compiled by Londa Mindiashvili
Monday, July 20
Staff reduction will take place in Parliamentary Administration

Akhali Taoba reports the statement of Davit Janiashvili, the head of the Parliamentary Administration, in which he says: “the reorganisation of the Parliamentary Administration and a staff reduction are inevitable, however the date of these changes is not yet known.”

Janiashvili stated that work on a new structural model for the Administration is in progress, and only when this is finished will a regulation be created and ‘staff optimisation’ begin. Janiashvili confirmed that employees will not be able to take a holiday in the second part of July due to this optimisation.

The head of the Administration cannot quote the specific number of employees who will be dismissed but considers that the reorganisation is necessary and must take place. “Choosing which employees will remain will be done on the basis of their professionalism and qualifications. There are a lot of employees here who come to work to play computer games,” stated Janiashvili.

The reorganisation has already been seen by some as a political move. MP Giorgi Tsagareishvili has stated that the idea behind the reorganisation is to dismiss Parliamentary Administration employees who have been seen at the opposition rallies. Davit Janiashvili categorically denies this.

Nino Burjanadze holds meetings in the United States

Akhali Taoba writes that Nino Burjanadze, the leader of the Democratic Movement - United Georgia, has held meetings in the United States. Burjanadze has met Senator Roger Wicker and Congressmen Wexler, Shuster and Schwartz, among others. The opposition party leader also participated in a round table held in the Department of State. 20 officials from the department attended this.

According to Burjanadze the American politicians expressed great interest in the current political processes in Georgia and have directed their attention to the current level of democracy in Georgia and the importance of developing democracy in the country. Burjanadze outlined the political situation and spoke about the so-called ‘democracy’ used by the Government as a cover for its nondemocratic and violent actions against its political opponents.

The issues of territorial integrity and the necessity of holding negotiations were also discussed. “I asked American colleagues to support Georgia and the Georgian people and adequately and objectively respond to the ongoing processes in Georgia,” said Burjanadze.

Soso Tsintsadze –Biden will not say the opposition were right to block the streets

Rezonansi reports that Georgian political analyst Soso Tsintsadze says: “The policy of the United States is to ensure stability in this region because this is in the national interests of the United States. The United States does not change its conception of its national interests easily. Biden will affirm that once again.

“The Government knows the position of the United States. There is an Embassy of the United States here which divulges the position of Washington. Furthermore, the fact that Biden is going to meet the Georgian opposition is not unusual. This is very much standard in a democratic society and does not indicate the strength of our opposition. Any opposition has a chance of becoming the Government in the United States so Americans are interested in who might be their partner in the future. If anybody thinks that Biden will approve the opposition’s action of blocking the streets, he is wrong.

“I do not think that the opposition’s rally will bring any real result. The opposition will just show Biden that they do not like what is happening in Georgia and are expressing their protest,” added Tsintsadze.