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Wednesday, July 22
President’s administration accuses Wall Street Journal of misinterpretation

The Georgian President`s administration has accused the Wall Street Journal of misrepresenting the President following publication of an interview it conducted with him. The administration says that the President’s answers ton the question of Georgia’s chances of joining NATO were modified prior to publication.

According to the administration, the President said the following: “If Georgia fails to join the Alliance, it will be a great tragedy for the country.” In the article however these words were given a different interpretation: it was reported that “He called the hopes of Georgia joining NATO ‘almost dead.’”

Georgian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Giga Bokeria commented on this editorial mistake today. He said the administration would apply any necessary measures to make the editorial staff correct the mistake.

“On the President’s personal instruction, I want to state sharply that the statement which caused such enthusiasm in some media sources is false. In the interview, the President said that if Russia reached its goal and blocked the chances of Georgia joining the alliance it would be a great tragedy for the country, but we believe Russia will not succeed and the statement of Obama has proved this,” Bokeria said.

The Georgian diaspora in the United States was also concerned by the words of the President as reported in the article by Andrew Osborn and has sought the original version of the interview. The author of the article has told them that the first part of the President’s answer to his question was removed. (Rustavi 2)

Young Christian Democrats elect new Chair

The Young Christian Democrats have held their first congress. Delegates elected a new Chair, Irakli Chitanava replacing Giorgi Gabunia. The former Chairperson has in his turn become a member of the party’s central council.

The leader of the Christian Democratic Party Giorgi Targamadze addressed the delegates, spoke about the goals of the party and its major strategy, and urged its young supporters to be more actively involved in the political activities of the party. (Rustavi 2)

Rikoti Tunnel traffic to be limited for three days

The electricity supply to the Rikoti Tunnel on the Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze route will be interrupted on July 21, 22 and 23 from 14.00 to 17.00.

The Highways Department says that electricity rehabilitation works are planned in the Khashuri district. Traffic will be blocked for the period of those works and vehicles will be able to go round the tunnel under the supervision of the Patrol Police. (Interpressnews)

Man dies in flood which inflicts 100,000 GEL damage on Vani

A man died in a flood in Vani district, Imereti Region, on Monday night. The incident occurred in the village of Shuamta.

Zaur Katsadze, 65, died as the swollen river destroyed the wooden bridge he was driving cattle over. The flood also ruined five other bridges in the village.

The flood also inflicted serious damage on another village in the Vani district. Three bridges were wrecked in the village of Kumuri. The local administration is calculating the damage, but it is believed it will exceed 100,000 GEL. (Rustavi 2)

Separatist gunmen wound Georgian in Gali district

Abkhaz separatists have injured an ethnic Georgian resident of the Gali district in breakaway Abkhazia. Eduard Partsvania has been hospitalised in Zugdidi with grave stomach injuries and been operated on. Doctors say the patient is in a very serious condition, but will survive.

The separatists detained the man late last night and demanded an Abkhazian passport from him, which he did not have. The gunmen tortured the man and cut him with knives. He was taken to Zugdidi hospital unconscious. (Rustavi 2)