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How convincing and genuine were Saakashvili’s words at the debates?

Wednesday, July 22
“His words were convincing but at the same time empty. He did what he has been doing all these years – promising, proposing and in the end doing nothing. I wonder if he himself believes his own words?”
Nino, doctor, 31

“Saakashvili is trying to fool the whole nation, but he as a smart politician should know that it is impossible to fool everybody. From words alone he should move to actions, otherwise he will definitely lose his post earlier than 2013.”
Giga, accountant, 27

“I did not watch his address at all. I was sure he would say nothing new and important, and I guess I was right.”
Tako, student, 23

“Everybody is criticising him today, but I think he made good proposals to the opposition. If the opposition really want some positive changes, they should cooperate with the Government, because the radical opposition can do nothing alone.”
Rezo, engineer, 48

“I have not listened to him, because it serves no purpose. Nothing will change through this speech. Today everyone says he has not said anything new or important.”
Levan, economist, 32

“I watched him till the very end and I liked his ideas on different issues. I think holding local elections in May is a good idea. However he did not speak about possible Russian aggression or conflict zones, it would be most interesting to hear his views about these.”
Maka, teacher, 29

“It was quite genuine, what he said was true. I also liked the opposition’s statements and most of all those of Christian Democrat member Magda Anikashvili, who talked about health problems and related issues, although some remarks directed towards the President were not correct. Still, I think that such debates are very useful for our politicians.”
Tatia, student, 21

“He is always convincing, he always talks smoothly, but in fact after some time you find out that his words are just a lie.”
Meri, journalist, 25

“The President talked about the right things, like the improving the level of democracy and judiciary reforms and the need fore dialogue with all political forces, but how he is going to implement them in real life is another thing.”
Tamta, NGO worker, 32