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Compiled by Etuna Tsotniashvili
Thursday, July 23
Meeting for a meeting

IDPs living in Zugdidi have met the legitimate autonomous republic of Abkhazia authorities for the first time in 10 years, Sakartvelos Respublika writes.

New staff of the legitimate Abkhazian Government, including its new leader Gia Baramia, have visited Zugdidi for two days and held meetings with IDPs. The Governor of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti, Zaza Gorozia, who does not meet IDPs often, was also present at these meetings.

Gorozia and Baramia listened to the various problems of IDPs but their responses to their questions were so general that most people attending did not understand the content of their statements very well. IDPs were not allowed to fully express what their problems were or criticise the legal Government because as Baramia said this meeting was only for introducing the parties to each other. The IDPs did not receive answers to their questions about legitimising their residences, building new cottages and many other issues.

Experts’ different assessments

Political analysts have assessed the President’s speech in Parliament in different ways, 24 Saati writes. Kakha Gogolashvili liked the idea of increasing the statutory punishment for exerting pressure on judges. He said the President also spoke more concretely about the Board composition of Georgian Public Broadcaster and his offer to the opposition members who refused to take their seats in Parliament after being elected was interesting.

“It would be better if the non-Parliamentary opposition was involved in such debates. It is clear that I mean Alasania’s team and the Republicans. I respect the US position regarding this issue and think that the main thing is that the debates were held, it is less important who has pushed the authorities into holding them,” Gogolashvili says.

Andro Barnov states that Biden’s visit to Georgia is not a usual event and it is important for Georgia. “The President has not talked about conflict issues, NATO or Russia. He has not presented any plan for how Georgia should improve its relationship with Moscow. Only saying that Russia is our enemy is not enough,” Barnov said.

“There was nothing new in the President’s speech except the Kutaisi issue (according to the President Kutaisi will become a second Parliament base soon). But he confirmed again that he will fulfill all his promises and will not take a step back,” Gia Nodia said.

New radar installed at Tbilisi International Airport

On July 21 President Mikheil Saakashvili officially unveiled the new radar system at Tbilisi International Airport, Akhali Taoba reports. The radar (produced by Taliz) will provide flight security. The system has been built and installed at a cost of EUR 5 million with the support of France.

The President reminded his audience that the previous radar system had been damaged during the war last year and civil aviation security throughout Eurasia had thus been threatened. He said it’s impossible to have good relations with a neighbour who breaks into your home and takes some of your rooms. “Where do we establish good relations with Russia - in the Odzisi village in Akhalgori district, the Orcho village of Kartli, or the village of Ganmukhuri in Samegrelo?” asked the President.

Head of the Supervisory Board of Georgian Air Navigation Giorgi Karbelashvili stated that two contemporary radar systems are now operating in Georgia. “This project will continue. We have received strong support from the French Government. Georgian Air Navigation has signed a contract and four radars will be installed over the next two years,” stated Karbelashvili.