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What do you expect from Joe Biden’s visit to Georgia?
Thursday, July 23
“Peace and only peace. We don’t want any financial or economic support from US if we don’t have peace in the country.”
Eka, teacher, 30

“I expect that once again the US will confirm its support for Georgia’s territorial integrity but I also expect strong statements against Russia, telling it not to carry out another attack on Georgia. Many thanks to the Americans for their great support - but they know themselves that statements and verbal support of the Georgian people alone are not enough.”
Kakhi, lawyer, 29

“It would be great if the US administration decides to send observers to Georgia. The conflict zones are in a really poor condition and are left without any attention. Together with EU observers the US will be able to tell Europe and the whole world what is really happening in the conflict zones. I also expect that if they send observers here the Americans will oblige the puppet regimes to allow them into the separatist regions. Otherwise we know very well what happens in the controlled territories, it does not need any extra observers.”
Irakli, student, 22

“It is the first demonstration of the Obama administration’s strong support for Georgia's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and the Georgian Government.”
Ana, PR manager, 34

“I don’t expect anything at all. I did not even know that he was coming. My colleague came to the office today, furious about the blocked streets. Then we found out it was linked to Biden’s visit. That’s how I got to know that the US Vice President was visiting Georgia. “
Natia, lawyer, 24

“I expect only positive results. I think after his visit Russia will think twice before attacking Georgia again with its tanks and planes.”
Tamta, economist, 31

“I don't think that anything in real politics will really change, this is a formality rather than a visit which will directly influence the current situation in Georgia.”
Dato, journalist, 24

“The visit shows the support of the US for Georgia, and it is very important that such a big and powerful country supports our small state. I expect that after this visit the ties between the USA and Georgia will become stronger.”
Ramazi, unemployed, 49