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Compiled by Etuna Tsotniashvili
Friday, July 24
Border Police deny abandoning Davit-Gareji territory

Rezonansi writes that the Border Police has categorically denied that its officers have abandoned the Davit-Gareji area bordering Azerbaijan. This statement was made after the Kakheti Information Centre reported that they had left their positions. The Border Police says Georgians are still standing at the border and controlling it together with Azerbaijan frontier staff.

Journalist Gela Mtivlishvili visited the Georgia-Azerbaijan border for a day but claimed that throughout that day he did not see any Georgian Border Police officers. The residents of the village of Udabno state that they have not seen the Georgian Border Police for a long time and that the border is controlled by Azerbaijanis only.

Gathering of signatures for release of political prisoners begins in Telavi

The Conservative Party has begun to gather signatures on a document calling for the release of political prisoners in Telavi, Rezonansi reports.

“One of the political prisoners in Telavi is Luka Ramazashvili, who has actually been accused of violating somebody’s property rights,” Giorgi Mosiashvili from the Conservative Party stated. He said the Conservative Party is going to address senior EU officials, including the President of the EU Commission, and ask them for help in releasing the political prisoners.

“There is no justice in Georgia, that’s why we’ve decided to ask the European Commission and Council of Europe to help us,” Mosiashvili added.

Tension in Gali district

On July 22 Russian occupiers detained eleven young men living in the Gali district, Akhali Taoba reports. The boys, aged 19-20 years old, were detained and then arrested for not having documents with them in the villages of Otobaia and Gagida. Rustavi2 has obtained exclusive video footage of how the Russian occupiers gathered the ethnic Georgians in the Gali district of Abkhazia, Georgia, in the centre of town and introduced their new rules to them.

The occupiers have blocked all roads local Georgians use to travel around the district apart from the Gali central bridge. In addition, the Russians stationed additional forces there and sent MI-28 and MI-24 helicopters, which are now patrolling the territory.

Tension has also escalated in the district due to a confrontation between occupiers and the separatist militia. The Abkhaz population have also fled their homes due to the dispute with the occupiers. They are reportedly hiding in the woods.

Ministry of Agriculture may be moved to Kakheti

The Georgian Ministry of Agriculture may soon be moved to Gurjaani in Kakheti, Rezonansi reports. Kakheti farmers have reportedly asked the President to do this, saying it will make it easier for them to contact the Ministry and ensure that the problems they have regarding the agriculture sector will be solved more readily.

The Kakheti Information Centre says that if the Ministry moves to Gurjaani it will be based in the National Bank building. Majoritarian MPs from Kakheti also support this idea.