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Will Biden's visit really guarantee Georgia’s political security and stability?
Friday, July 24
“It will contribute much towards democratic reforms and the collaboration of the authorities with the radical opposition but at the same time I do not think if it will guarantee security and stability.”
Nika, student, 19

“I do not think so, but still his visit will bring Georgia a certain support and popularity.”
Diana, musician, 28

“He made such supportive statements that I think Georgia will avoid war at least this year and we will have peace in the country next year, if God will save us.”
Lasha, economist, 27

“No one can guarantee our peace and stability, even the whole US or EU. If Putin gets an idea to attack Georgia they will attack us at any time. They don’t care what Obama, Biden or Sarkozy say.”
Eka, teacher, 34

“Biden’s visit is a good sign, as after such strong support from the US it’s less possible for the Russians to attack Georgia again”
Giorgi, sales agent, 24

“America always did support Georgia, George W. Bush was here in Tbilisi, and still it didn’t protect us from the war and internal troubles. Of course the visit of Biden is a good sign, however stability in the country fully depends on the sanity of our Government”
Tariel, engineer, 53

“It depends on Russia. If they consider the US a real power then of course this visit will be beneficial for Georgia in terms of stability and security. “
Nana, doctor, 40

“His visit made me more confident that we will not have another war with Russia. I don’t know why, but I have this confidence, it is a fact. It is clear that Obama supports Georgia no less than Bush did, and this is very important.”
Tengo, driver, 48

“There can never be guarantees when it comes to Russia, you can never be sure what it will do. Maybe even the US Vice President’s visit will not stop them attacking Georgia again. Who knows?”
Natela, biologist, 60