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Do you think Georgian Public Broadcaster is impartial in its political coverage?

Thursday, July 30
“Public Broadcaster is just a name this station uses to cover the fact that it is a Government broadcaster. I don’t like anything about this TV channel, from its logo and colours to its programming.”
Giga, student, 22

“I can’t name any TV channel in Georgia which is impartial. Public Broadcaster is trying to play a role of an impartial and unbiased station, but it has a long way to go till it reaches internationally accepted standards in this area.”
Natia, lawyer, 29

“I don’t watch political programmes on this channel, the only show I like on Public Broadcaster is Inga Grigolia’s Political Week, which I watch with pleasure as I consider it an impartial talk show.”
Tea, sociologist, 36

“I believe Public Broadcaster is less partial than any other TV channel in Georgia. Of course it is not perfect and needs to be improved. But in general it is not so bad.”
Keti, housewife, 51

“No it isn’t. It was never impartial, though this is its duty. I don’t watch it at all’.
Zaza, pensioner, 67

“Well none of the TV channels are impartial I guess. Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that we pay for the Public Broadcaster, it doesn’t work on our behalf.”
Dali, teacher, 25

“I think it isn’t. That’s why I don’t watch its political programmes.”
Tatia, student, 19

“It is very difficult to define how impartial the Public Broadcaster is because according to the Georgian opposition if a channel is not pro-opposition it is pro-Government. I think that it is generally impartial, but nevertheless it could be more impartial on several issues.”
Davit, IT specialist, 37