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What do you think about the idea of deploying US observers around the conflict zones?

Friday, July 31
“Well it will not be an easy step to take because it will create more provocations in the conflict zones due to the irritation of Russia. However, I think that the EUMM alone is not enough for both conflict zones. When the OSCE and UNOMIG were here we did not even think about any extra observer mission but now it is necessary. As Russia does not have influence over the EU and US it will never manage to block these missions and I think US will make another great contribution if it sends observers here. We would be safer.”
Kakhi, marketing and PR specialist, 31

“I could only welcome the US decision if they sent observers here. This will be very useful in our conflict regions and joint work with EU observers will be more effective.”
Elene, translator, 29

“The idea is not bad at first glance, as the more international observers we have the more information the world will have about what happens here. However we have to take into account the position of our European friends, who really did a great thing in brokering the ceasefire here last year. France and other European states think that this step will irritate Russia and Russia’s irritation will create a serious negative reaction towards both Georgia and Europe. So until the Government takes such a serious decision they should think very deeply in order not to repeat the disastrous war we had last August.”
Maia, housewife, 45

“I strongly believe that the idea is good and must be fulfilled. Having US observers around the conflict zones of Georgia means there will be very great restraint of Russia’s unfair actions.”
Tazo, photographer, 27

“Disagreement about the conflict zones of Georgia between the US and Russia is clear. Our northern neighbour does not accommodate anyone having US support. So I think if this happens, it will irritate Russia and create another possible aggression.”
Gela, credit officer, 26

“Of course the idea is praiseworthy. Having US observers around the conflict zones of Georgia will be one of the preventive means against Russia. If Russia does anything on the ground, it will be very costly for it.”
Manana, housewife, 55

“Unfortunately I do not know much about this, but I think it will be really good if more observers are deployed around conflict zones of Georgia.”
Meko, manager, 25

“They will not contribute much since they won't be able to enter the Georgian breakaway regions, and I think EUMM can deal well enough at this time.”
Bela, student, 21

“In my opinion deploying US observers in Georgia will hasten calming the tensions in the conflict zones. “
Nia, interpreter, 28