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How much does the current situation in the conflict zones resemble the situation last year just before the war started?

Monday, August 3
“Unfortunately the ongoing situation in the conflict zones is very similar to that we saw last year before the war. I am really afraid of a repetition of last August’s tragic events.”
Nato, teacher, 67

“The current situation in the conflict zones much resembles the situation of last year. Everything began with shootings and explosions in Georgian villages on the administrative border last year. The Russian and Georgian sides were blaming each other like they are doing now. And all this ended in the war that, I am sure, was sorrowful not only the Georgian population but also for the Russians. I hope it will not repeat.”
Marika, actor, 26

“I do not want to say this, but the current situation in the Georgian conflict zones is almost the same as it was last year. I was in Kodori Gorge during the war with some of my friends. I lost my best friend in the August war in Tskhinvali. I do not really want to repeat that.”
Ucha, employee of Georgian security, 28

“I have to say that the situation in the Georgian conflict zones is very perturbing and very similar to last year’s situation just before the war started. I hope another war will not begin between Georgia and Russia, as Georgians and Russians just want a quiet life.”
Nanuli, housewife, 38

“Unfortunately the situation in conflict zones resembles the situation before last August’s war. Of course I do not know which side, Georgia or Russia, started the shooting either this year or last summer. But I hope they will not repeat last year’s mistake and begin a war that is wanted by neither the Georgian people nor Russia’s. The Governments should resolve their disagreements at a negotiating table without killing innocent people.”
Giorgi, designer, 30

“It resembles it a lot and this scares me very much. Last year I did not pay attention to occasional reports of shootings in the conflict regions, but now every single case makes me nervous. I hope we will not have another war.”
Eka, dentist, 36

“After Biden’s visit I became convinced no war would happen, but I agree that the situation is pretty much the same as last year, maybe even worse. Hopefully these shootings will not grow into a war.”
Giga, distributor, 26

“To be honest I don’t remember was the situation in the conflict zones what last year. I did not pay much attention to it at that time. Now I am glued to my TV set to hear the latest news from Abkhazia and South Ossetia.”
Tato, student, 21