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Thirteen candidates wish to run Georgian Public Broadcaster

By Londa Mindiashvili
Tuesday, August 4
The deadline for submitting applications for the post of General Director of Georgian Public Broadcaster expired on 3 August. Bachuki Bakhtadze, Lali Moroshkina, Marina Salukvadze, Merab Kelmenjeridze, Ketevan Khakhubia, Marekh Chopikashvili, Erosi Kitsmarishvili, Zviad Koridze, Tamaz Bibiluri, Gia Gumberidze, Rusudan Metreveli, Giorgi Tsikhisel and Gia Chanturia, currently the interim General Director of GPB, applied before the deadline.

Candidates were asked to satisfy certain criteria. Their experience of working in television and their aims and intentions in the post will be taken into account in the selection process. Candidates hope that the competition will be just and no one will interfere in the process. They consider that each of them has a chance of being appointed.

Each candidate expressed an interest in taking part in the contest after the President stated that a new wave of democracy had been initiated and he wanted this process to begin with changes in television. The applicants all stated that they sought to make the channel more watched and more trustworthy. They also said that they wanted the public funding of the station to be spent transparently.

I am sure I satisfy the experience requirements. I have worked as the General Director of the cinema academy. I was also in charge of the buying and selection of videos and photos at Imedi TV. I have also been Deputy Director of Programmes in Mze TV, so I think I have very good CV, stated Marina Salukvadze.

Gia Chanturia, the present interim General Director of GPB, is sure he will be able to create a really good channel which fulfils all functions that a public broadcasting company should. I am working here at present and many good projects have begun that must be finished, added Chanturia.

The selection contest will be held in two stages. At the first stage on 6 August, the submitted applications will be discussed and a shortlist drawn up through secret balloting. On about 7 or 8 August interviews will be held. The General Director of GPB will be announced on 10 August and appointed on 20 August.

The Supervisory Board of GPB held a sitting yesterday at which it confirmed the regulations concerning the secret ballot and the rest of the selection process.