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What do you think the US and EU should do to help Georgia recover its territories?

Tuesday, August 4
“I think if the USA sends its observers to Georgia it will be a great help. The EU is already doing quite a lot to support us. I don’t know what else can be done.”
Dato, lawyer, 25

“In my opinion we are seeing huge international support. The EU and USA cannot start a war because of Georgia, it is very unrealistic to think that they will attack Russia with bombs and tanks in order to return Abkhazia and South Ossetia.”
Rezo, unemployed, 50

“What I see and hear are only statements by the leaders and no real actions. I would like to see Russia punished for what it did in Georgia last year. Unfortunately, despite the statements of Western Presidents and Prime Ministers, Russia is still feeling very comfortable.”
Salome, teacher, 35

“While Putin and Medvedev are in power neither Obama, Saakashvili, Sarkozy or anyone will be able to help Georgia regain its territorial integrity. These two devils just don’t care what other Presidents or diplomats say. They just want Georgia to be destroyed. They have a special envy and disgust towards Georgia, it is not personal but directed towards the Georgian population itself. No one should believe that if Saakashvili resigns they will leave us alone, it’s just unimaginable.”
Nika, student, 20

“All they can do is send more observers to Georgia, nothing else I guess. I don’t think that observers can solve all our problems, but anyway this is better than nothing.”
Irma, housewife, 55

“I think neither the EU nor USA can help us regain territorial integrity. The issue should be resolved between Russia and Georgia. This is an age-long process and I think a decision will be made if normal and democratic authorities will come into power in Russia as well as Georgia.”
Vakhtang, economist, 30

“I don’t know how, but the USA should blackmail Russia to leave us and withdraw its troops from our territories. Only strong blackmail can give us a chance to regain our territorial integrity. Negotiations and talks are not for Russia, they are just useless.”
Keti, student, 20

“They should conduct monitoring and observation in the occupied regions. I think this is their duty and they should do that in spite of the pressure from the Russian side.”
Tsira, housewife, 54

“I don’t know, but they should stand strong against the ambitions of Russia. This isn’t only in our interest but that of Europe.”
Tea, dancer, 28

“They should simply support us. Nobody is under the illusion that they can fight for us on the battlefield but they should use all mechanisms to defend Georgia’s interests.”
Goga, student, 20