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Compiled by Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, August 5
The camp must be opened anyway

Rezonansi reports a statement by Sulkhan Sibashvili, the Deputy Minister of Sport, Culture and Monuments Protection, who confirms the existence of plan to reopen the patriot camp in the village of Ganmukhuri in Zugdidi.

Sibashvili declared that the camp would possibly be reopened in August. “Rebuilding the camp is nearly finished, but the exact opening date is not yet known. I can say however that young people will be able to go there in the current year,” the Deputy Minister said.

Sibashvili is completely sure, that there will be no danger for holidaymakers. “As for safety measures, we have done our best in this direction and the territory is protected quite well,” he said, adding that “the main aspect of patriot camp activity this year was unofficial education and holidaymakers undertook perception exercises.”

It should be mentioned that on 30 June Sibashvili categorically denied the existence of a plan to reopen this camp. “There will be no camp in Ganmukhuri this year,” he had stated directly.

Shamba is not content with the declarations of Minsk

Rezonansi reports a statement by Sergei Shamba, the so-called Foreign Minister of breakaway Abkhazia, who has declared that the Abkhaz puppet regime can easily understand why Belarus’s Foreign Minister told its citizens to respect Georgian law when visiting Abkhazia, but considers the statement incorrect.

“Unfortunately, the statement made by the representative of Belarus’s Foreign Ministry was incorrect. Germany and Poland made the same recommendations, but in more understandable form,” said Shamba.

Shamba declared that, “Sokhumi knows that the statements made by the Foreign Ministry of Belarus are the product of the Georgian Government targeting citizens of Belarus and arresting them for visiting Abkhazia without going through Georgia to do it. Of course they should warn their citizens, but they did not do it appropriately. The Belarus Foreign Ministry has already stated that the recognition of Abkhazia’s independence is still on the agenda,’’ said Shamba.

Villages in Lagodekhi are flooded

Akhali Taoba reports that due to the heavy rain in the Lagodekhi region on Sunday the river Tsodniskari burst its banks and flooded three villages - Gurgeniani, Ninigori and Tsodniskari. The basements of houses here are full of water, which is almost one metre deep within the houses. Domestic animals and birds have also been killed, MediaNews has reported.

According to locals the water has completely washed away their winter flour supplies and other products. For the whole of Sunday night local people tried to remove the water from their houses by their own efforts. On Monday morning fire trucks were mobilised to pump it out.

Gia Gozalishvili,the Governor of Lagodekhi, has declared that only families whose livelihoods have been affected by the flood will be assisted.