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Which of the candidates for General Director of the Georgian Public Broadcaster is the most appropriate?

Wednesday, August 5
I think Erosi Kitsmarishvili is the most suitable candidate for this position. He has great experience of working as General Director of such a large scale TV channel.
Nona, economist, 35

I have heard about the candidates and think none of them are fit to be the General Director of GPB. This station needs a qualified and professional manager, but unfortunately none of these people have such a background. Some are pro-opposition, some completely unacceptable because of their background and some are pro-Government, which means that the station will not be independent in their hands.
Givi, economist, 53

I liked Levan Kubaneishvili very much [the former GD of Public Broadcaster], he was a real professional in this field and he fully changed the channel when he came. No one was watching the 1st channel and they did so many things to attract people - new programmes, talk shows, interesting intellectual shows and excellent design. I am sure none of the candidates will be better than Kubaneishvili. He should not leave this post.
Tatia, student, 22

Well I think Erosi Kitsmarshvili is good for this post but I dont think the Government supports him after his scandalous statements about the pre-August war period.
Sandro, historian, 29

I dont know, maybe Lali Maroshkina, she used to work for that channel and Im sure she will be good Director of First channel. I also support the candidacy of Erosi Kitsmarishvili.
Lika, student, 21

I support Zviad Koridze. I think he is a good journalist and a professional. I dont know much about the other candidates.
Kote, lawyer, 23

I think there is no sense in changing the General Director while the real head of Public Broadcaster is Mikheil Saakashvili. The problem lies in this, not the management of the station.
Nana, journalist, 25

I think Lali Moroshkina is the best candidate. She has experience of working as a journalist and she is a smart and reliable person, in my opinion. It would be good to see a woman as the head of a TV station.
Shalva, engineer, 46