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News from Adjara

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, August 6
It is the height of the tourist season in Adjara, however there are not as many tourists in the region as had been expected. The Adjara Tourist Department is doing its utmost to popularise Adjara not only for summer holidaymakers but also winter. In the Adjara mountains there are natural conditions for developing skiing facilities and the Adjara Government is trying to do this.

In the Shuakhevi municipality and in the village of Gomarduli and the Khulo municipality village of Kedlebi special schools for mountain skiing have been opened. In the village of Gomarduli two cableways, 200 and 300 metres long, have been erected, which hopefully will attract local holidaymakers from Batumi and other parts of Georgia.

The Adjara Tourism Department has elaborated different tourist trails including ecotourism routes and historic sites. Various mountain tourism possibilities have also been researched and studied. Several expeditions have been carried out on the ground to study the possibility of promoting this type of tourism.