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Compiled by Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, August 6
Borders changed at Tusheti

Akhali Taoba reports a statement that Georgian border guards have moved the national border near Tusheti. This news has been confirmed by the Kakheti Information Centre, according to the statement of Mamuka Areshidze, an expert on Caucasus affairs.

“We were given this information at a meeting and after checking it was confirmed. The borders have really been moved, just as they were in Khevsureti, near the village of Nadzvebi,” said Areshidze. The Border Police of Georgia maintain that the border there is still strictly under their control.

Child victims of war to be psychologically rehabilitated

Akhali Taoba reports that children who were victims of the war last August will be psychologically rehabilitated.

A group of children were transported from Gori to Lagodekhi on Tuesday. Together with psychological rehabilitation they will gain ecological knowledge and be able to rest on the protected territory of Lagodekhi. The first group of children will stay there a week, and during their 7-day tour 35 children will receive consultations with psychologists, rest and see unique places. Each child will be given gifts and interesting literature about environment protection and protected territories.

This trip has been arranged by the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources and the Municipality of Gori. A second group of 18 children will rest in Lagodekhi in the middle of August.

Bagrati Cathedral guarded by police after find

Rezonansi reports that no one is being allowed near Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi, which is being guarded by police, because an ancient tomb has been found by archaeologists. The diggers have temporarily suspended their work and experts are examining the site.

Nikoloz Vacheishvili, Chairman of the Cultural Heritage Protection Agency, arrived in Kutaisi yesterday. He said that the new discovery would reveal very interesting information. Historians suppose the tomb is that of an Egris-Abkhazian queen and it is possible to establish her identity.

According to specialists and members of the expedition there is no other tomb like this in Georgia. The amount of gold and wealth found there is unique.

Homeless woman starts hunger strike

Rezonansi reports that homeless woman Nanuli Kurshitashvili has begun an open-ended hunger strike as a sign of protest. The Kakheti Information Centre says that she is protesting against what she calls the ‘inappropriate use of her post’ by Judge Natela Jashiashvili.

Kurshitashvili had asked the Christian Democrats in Kakheti to help her and the Kakheti Human Rights Centre studied the case. Their investigation revealed that Zakaria Kurshitashvili, Natela’s sister’s son, had appropriated her house illegally by falsifying documents. Police started a case, but the guilty parties were not imprisoned because of their age. Nanuli Kurshitashvili consequently brought an action against Zakaria Kurshitashvili herself but the judge, Natela Janiashvili found against her because she is Zakaria Kurshitashvili’s wife’s relative, Natela alleges. Later this decision was confirmed by the appellate and supreme courts.