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What were the pluses and minuses of last year’s Russian-Georgian war?

Thursday, August 6
“I don’t know if the war can have any pluses. All I see is lost territories, more poor people, more dead soldiers. I can’t think of any advantages the Russian-Georgian war gave to our country.”
Sopo, interpreter, 34

“One of the pluses is that Russia is in real isolation and is in hysteria. It has occupied the two Georgian breakaway regions and spent tremendous amounts on them. It is also interesting why Russia needs Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Anyone who has ever been to Abkhazia will confirm that it is a most beautiful place, and certainly Russia has some interest in this region, but what about South Ossetia? Why do they need it? It is the poorest region, no infrastructure, no developed institutions, no modern facilities, there is nothing. As for minuses, all our lost lives are down to them.”
Nata, housewife, 51

“We lost more territories; this is the worst thing that happened as a result of this war, and also the recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia by Russia. I never thought Russia would be bold enough to do this. I cannot cite any plus of the August war, nothing comes to mind.”
Lado, businessman, 46

“We saw how much international support we have. Otherwise, this war was a terrible event, which did not bring any positive results for our country.”
Tina, pensioner, 60

“We have more refugees, more lost territories - what pluses are you talking about? It is quite possible that a new war will start. All these statements by Russians, Ossetians and even Georgians give you a feeling that something is going to happen.”
Lasha, student, 23

“Georgia got terrible results from those tragic days but after this war the world saw what Georgia is and what Russia is. They saw that Russian disgust towards Georgia does not have limits and, what is more important for the international community, they saw that Russia does not respect any international law. That is why so many supporting statements have been made recently by world leaders who have already realised what consequences could followed in the event of another aggression.”
Avto, teacher, 42

“When I remember those terrible days and so many unhappy faces and victims, I really cannot talk about any pluses that war brought us.”
Mariam, babysitter, 28

“Maybe I should not say this but this war showed every Georgian why Saakashvili should resign and why he does not have any right to run the country. That was the plus!”
Tina, pensioner, 67

“To my mind the entire Georgian-Russian war was a huge minus that brought serious and dreadful results to the Georgian nation. So I cannot talk about pluses, there weren’t any.”
Diana, translator, 26