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Statement of the candidates for the position of General Director of Georgian Public Broadcaster to the members of the board of GPB

Thursday, August 6
We, signatories and candidates for the post of General Director of the Public Broadcaster, share the demand of the public to transmit live the interviews with the candidates for this position. We agree to speak about our personal details live.

So that it is known that no special privilege has been given to any of us, we take the commitment to sit in a separate, isolated room without any facilities we can use to watch the interviews of other candidates while they are taking place. Relying on last year’s experience we ask that all stages of the competition, the selection of candidates and balloting, should be conducted in a transparent way and broadcast live.

In case of the non-satisfaction of our demand we reserve the right to withdraw from the competition.


Bachuki Bakhtadze
Giorgi Kacharava
Merab Kelenjeridze
Erosi Kitsmarishvili
Zurab Maghalashvili
Lali Moroshkina
Marina Salukvadze
Zviad Koridze
Teimuraz Koridze
Marekh Chopikashvili
Tamaz Bibiluri