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How realistic is the idea of regaining the Georgia’s lost territories by peaceful means?

Monday, August 10
“I would say regaining Georgia's two breakaway regions by peaceful means is the only possible way and I am sure it is quite realistic. Everything is up to Georgia's Government and people. Against the background of Russian militarism and violence much work should still be done in developing democracy and a prosperous economy which will definitely attract the population of the breakaway regions, thereby regaining the lost territories.”
Levan, economist, 37

“Come on, who believes this? In my opinion neither peaceful nor other kinds of means can solve the problem of territorial unity.”
Rati, student, 21

“I think this is the only right way to solve this problem. We don’t need another war.”
Tea, musician, 38

“I don’t think this idea is realistic because we have been trying to solve the problem this way for several years already”.
Nona, student, 19

“I think those territories are lost forever. It is very hard to admit this, but neither peaceful nor military methods will bring Abkhazia and South Ossetia back to Georgia. We should now try to maintain whatever is left of Georgia, try not to lose more territories.”
Giorgi, engineer, 45

“Only peaceful methods are acceptable in this case. We can’t win a war against Russia, but we can win a diplomatic war with them, because Georgia’s fight is justified.”
Lamzira, pediatrician, 57

“I think right now we should just try not to inflame the conflict again. Time will show what is more appropriate – war or a peaceful resolution. However, I don’t think anything can be achieved peacefully with Russia.”
Nodari, unemployed, 60

“I don’t think that there is any hope that we will regain Abkhazia and South Ossetia by any means at all. The only way is for Russia to suddenly decide to give up those territories, which seems a quite unrealistic idea to me.”
Guram, distributor, 34