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Tuesday, August 11
Vessel sailing under Georgian flag detained by Kamchatka Coast Guard

The Coast Guard Federal Security Service of the Kamchatka peninsula has detained a vessel sailing under the Georgian flag. Representatives of the Border Department of the Russian Federal Security Service say the unknown ship was discovered in the Bering Sea in Russia’s exclusive economic zone.

It is reported that the vessel, registered in Georgia, did not respond to a request from a Russian patrol vessel and tried to flee. An aircraft was despatched to the scene. Only after warning fire was the Coast Guard able to detain the vessel.

Reportedly the Georgian vessel, the Rosno, was registered in Batumi in 2006. It is a small fishing boat. All eighteen members of its crew are citizens of the Russian Federation. They have been sent to a special isolator and interrogated there.

The vessel belongs to the Russian company Mibor Ltd. Tbilisi has talked to representatives of the company trying to find out why the vessel was detained. According to preliminary information it was stopped for violating Russian fishing laws. (Rustavi 2)

Sergi Kapanadze – Letter of Russian Government to President of France is ironic

The letter of the Russian Government to the administration of the President of France in which Russia speaks about fulfilling international commitments is ironic, Director of the International Organisations Department of the Foreign Ministry of Georgia Sergi Kapanadze said on Sunday.

Kapanidze said that Russia has not fulfilled any of its commitments under the 12 August agreement and it is ironic to speak about the implementation of commitments. He believes the President of France will take the same view of this letter. Sergi Kapanadze stated that the Foreign Ministry has advised the administration of the Russian President to withdraw Russian troops to within the legal boundaries of Russia and respect international commitments.

Kapanadze noted that the issue of the EU observation mission’s entry to the occupied territories is still problematic. Georgia welcomes the strengthening of the EU mission’s monitoring at the administrative border, given the background of the activated rhetoric of Russia. (Interpressnews)

Davit Darchiashvili advises Defence Ministry and Parliament to arrange round table about Russian-Georgian war

Davit Darchiashvili from the Parliamentary majority has suggested to the Defence Ministry and Defence and Security Committee that they organise a public round table about the Russian-Georgian war’s military aspects.

Darchiashvili stated this at an extraordinary session of Parliament yesterday. He said he was motivated to make this suggestion after seeing journalist Nana Lezhava’s programme Week’s Reportage broadcast by TV Channel Kavkasia. He severely criticised Gia Karkarashvili, who appeared on the programme, and Nana Lezhava, saying that the Russian-Georgian war was an unequal fight with an open aggressor in which Georgia showed its love of life and freedom, and the world had seen the dramatic consequences of these events.

Darchiashvili reminded Gia Karkarashvili that he had been invited onto the programme as a military expert and that “the military field is a continuation of politics and political will is the most important thing, not mistakes of different battalions and divisions.”

Davit Darchiashvili stated that chaos and unforeseen events always accompany war and must not be politicised. (Interpressnews)

Opposition MP demands releasing political prisoners

Georgian opposition MP Jondi Baghaturia has announced his own terms two days prior to the meeting between representatives of political parties and the Georgian Foreign Ministry. Baghaturia has demanded that before the talks are held all the people the opposition consider to be political prisoners are released. The MP promised that the opposition will withdraw all complaints against the Government if this happens.

Majority members responded to Jondi Baghaturia at the Parliamentary session where he announced this and reminded him of the content of Georgia’s legislation. Deputy Chair of Parliament Gigi Tsereteli said the format of Security Council sessions proposed by the President provides a good opportunity for discussing these questions. Opposition members have been offered the chance to participate in Security Council sessions. (Rustavi 2)

New Life for Old Tbilisi project begins

A new project of Tbilisi City Hall called New Life for Old Tbilisi has been launched. It is designed to improve living conditions. Vice Mayor Mamuka Akhvlediani has met representatives of construction companies and all the details of the project have been discussed.

Tbilisi City Hall has started to resolve the construction problems caused by the economic downturn in Georgia. Banking and construction companies will offer new apartments to people living in old houses through the mediation of City Hall. (Interpressnews)