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Compiled by Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, August 11
Alasania must show he is principled

Akhali Taoba reports that Eka Beselia, General Secretary of the Movement for United Georgia, has said that Irakli Alasania must show his principles while talking with Government representatives.

“I don’t think anything important will come out of a meeting with Government leaders, but Alasania has quite a different approach, he has never hidden his desire to hold constructive dialogue with the Government and I don’t criticise him for this. What is most important is that Irakli Alasania behaves in a principled way when talking with Government representatives,” declares Eka Beselia.

Alasania’s meeting with Vano Merabishvili, the Minister of Internal Affairs, and Zurab Adeishvili, Minister of Justice, will take place on 12 August.

Meeting is a test for the Government

Akhali Taoba reports a statement by Davit Gamkrelidze, the New Rights leader, who says that the non- Parliamentary opposition’s meeting with law enforcers is a serious test for the Government.

Gamkrelidze hopes that the Government will take this chance to regulate its relationship with the opposition parties. “I hope the Government will take this chance to regulate the political process. This is possible only if the Government stops undertaking political terror and repression. This meeting is a serious test for the Government, which declares its readiness for democratic development. Only after this meeting will we be able to start talking about the electoral system, court impartiality and democratic development, all the things which the Government was so happy to talk about after the meeting with the US Vice President Joe Biden,” stated Gamkrelidze.

The New Rights leader added that it is difficult to say beforehand what the Government will do at the meeting. Gamkrelidze can’t say as yet whether or not he will attend it himself, but he has confirmed that one of the Alliance for Georgia members will.

Burjanadze refuses to attend meeting

According to Kviris Palitra Nino Burjanadze has refused to participate in the forthcoming Security Council meeting. She has declared that political representatives sit on this body but several active parties haven’t been invited to do so. This means that the Security Council is one of Saakashvili’s show gestures and phoney suggestions, she has stated, adding that no real decisions will be taken by the Security Council because it is a puppet institution whose decisions are made in closed groups.

“The Government frequently says that some opposition members are connected with Russia. So why have such people been invited to a meeting at which strategically important affairs will be discussed? It is time for the Government to apologise and recognise that this is a false accusation,”declares Burjanadze.

MP wants 23 August declared War Victims’ Memorial Day

Akhali Taoba reports that Giorgi Kandelaki, a member of the Parliamentary majority, is seeking to make 23 August ‘War Victims Memorial Day.’

Kandelaki said during a Parliamentary debate on Russia and last year’s war that the most important postwar goals are democratic consolidation, the stabilisation of political life and state reinforcement. According to him establishing a common agreement about the rules under which politics is conducted has vital importance as it will prevent the enemy using our internal tensions for its own purposes. He added that politicians should realise that unity is the only way to preserve Georgia’s existence and ensure its development.

Kandelaki said that it is a paradox that the post-Rose Revolution reforms have created Russian aggression, but Russia’s attitude has clarified Georgia’s historical mission: that Georgia should be independent not only for the sake of this country but to evoke the desire for freedom among Russian subjects. This possibility frightens those who still consider the destruction of the Evil Empire the greatest 20th century catastrophe.

Giorgi Kandelaki talked about the Russian empire’s vandalism in Georgia and other countries and said he wanted 23 August to be War Victims’ Memorial Day from now on.