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Do you believe that the newly elected General Director of GPB, Giorgi Chanturia, will create an impartial TV channel?

Tuesday, August 11
I dont think he will be able to do this, because almost all the TV channels in Georgia are partial. It is quite difficult to be impartial when opposition parties in this country are so powerless. On the other hand, I think the General Director of GPB should be more experienced than he is.
Davit, economist, 51

I am very glad that Giorgi Chanturia has been elected as the new General Director of GPB. He is a professional and intellectual person, I respect him very much. I am sure he will manage to make his television station impartial, which is very important today. I am waiting to see serious changes and new, interesting and impartial programmes from him.
Shorena, student, 21

I cant tell, but I hope he manages this as he is quite experienced and talented. Everything will become clear very soon.
Tamar, teacher, 31

There is no impartiality in Georgia. It is very clear that he will not be able to do this. Unfortunately, television is not impartial in our country and it therefore has no great importance who the new General Director of GPB is.
Roman, businessman, 35

I think Giorgi Chanturia does not have enough skill to run the Public Broadcaster. I expected someone more experienced to be elected. I cant guess now how impartial the GPB will be during his term. Everyone associates him with the Government. Everyone says he will be pursuing the same policy as the previous General Director.
Tatia, teacher, 29

The impartiality of the GPB depends not on its Directors but the will of the Georgian Government. If Saakashvili wants the GPB to be impartial and independent it will become independent, I believe.
Gia, interpreter, 35

I think the First Channel will never be impartial. It will always be controlled by the Government. Nobody can change this.
Marina, hairdresser, 40

I think he has enough experience to make the channel more interesting for the audience and its political programming more or less impartial.
Gia, student, 20

I dont know, maybe he can manage this but I think that he was chosen by the Government not the Board.
Dodo, teacher, 56