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Do you think the Government’s “public dialogue” is a genuine attempt to address public concerns or a PR stunt aimed at winning the next elections?

Monday, August 17
“I see it as a PR stunt; I don’t think the Government does not know what issues should be resolved in order to make the lives of ordinary Georgians a bit better.”
Tea, accountant, 30

“It is better than nothing. We can call it PR or whatever, but it is still a positive move from the Government. I am sure some of the problems that people have will be solved in this way.”
Tamar, housewife, 47

“The Government is just wasting money on these visits. I don’t see any point in the Ministers going from house to house in every village. There are village heads and Governors, they should be giving information to the Ministers.”
Shalva, pensioner, 65

“I think “public dialogue” is an empty phrase, because our Government isn’t interested in it. They are talking all the time without positive results.”
Nino, economist, 41

“I consider dialogue has great importance in the current situation; we should realise that continual conflict will be ruinous for us. Government and Opposition must sit and talk in a civilized way.”
Guram, historian, 28

“Mikheil Saakashvili is in love with PR stunts. He is the greatest producer of these kind of shows. I don’t believe in the Government, because they have done their best to weaken our country.”
Elene, teacher, 58

“I don’t think it is some kind of PR stunt. This is no time for PR and I am sure the Government can understand this. The situation is really very strained within the country, the citizens are confused and they need real help. All political parties should do their best to overcome the present crisis.”
Leri, doctor, 30

“Politicians talk all the time in our country but nothing results. I think this is a PR stunt again.”
Nino, student, 18