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Do you think Russia will be able to create a pro-Russian provocation in Ukraine?

Tuesday, August 18
“It is quite possible Russia will create provocations in Ukraine as it did here, but I think war is totally excluded.”
Tamta, teacher, 27

“Russia loves blood, what it did last summer was brutal and no Christian man could do what the aggressors Putin and Medvedev did. Saakashvili is stronger than Yushchenko and that’s why Russia could not directly attempt to remove him, but there is a political crisis in Ukraine and the President and PM represent the two conflicting sides, which is why it will be easy for Russia to change the Ukrainian Government. They do not need a person with a pro-Western orientation, they need a President under Russia’s influence. Now, everything is up to the Ukrainian people, what they will decide Ukraine’s fate will be.”
Guram, economist, 43

“I think it has already created pro-Russian provocations there. We see more and more protest rallies in Crimea where they demand to be united with Mother Russia. I hope the international community will not allow any kind of military actions to take place there.”
Gia, sociologist, 40

“I think Russia will not dare start provocations in Ukraine, which is much powerful than Georgia and can resist more than our country could. Medvedev’s statements were just an attempt to discredit the Ukrainians, I believe.”
Sopo, economist, 30

“I am afraid things will develop pretty much the same way in Ukraine as they did in Georgia last year. Medvedev has nearly declared war, his statement sounded more like a threat than the statement of a politician and Head of State.”
Rezo, engineer, 38

“I don’t think Russia will be able to create pro-Russian provocations in Ukraine, because international organisations and Western countries will not let Russia do what it did in Georgia.”
Nika, footballer, 24

“I think they will be able to do this. Russia does what it wants, but on the other hand it has supporters there, as the number of Russian citizens in Ukraine is very large.”
Nino, teacher 51

“It is very difficult to say. The fact is that Russia is trying to take control of the whole world and it must be stopped.”
Levan, student, 19

“A strained relationship with other countries weakens Russia itself. It’s better for it to use its resources for economic and social improvement. Russia will not be able to bring Ukraine under its influence, as Ukraine isn’t a small and weak country.”
Zurab, pensioner, 61

“Russia will not be able to do this, because its aims and methods are well known to other countries. If it does manage to do it Russia will go on and try to restore the former Soviet Union, which is unimaginable.”
Lela, writer, 71