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Do you think former Communist security officials should be prevented from holding senior Government posts in Georgia?

Wednesday, August 19
“We should at last overcome our Soviet heritage and become a truly democratic state. If we still have former Soviet officials in senior posts it means we still have the remnants of the old regime. I agree that these people should be prevented from taking high ranking posts.”
Nata, teacher, 32

“I think this isn’t right, if someone has enough experience and knowledge he should be able to take a senior Government post.”
Lela, pensioner, 61

“I don’t know. It depends on the person. We all change as time passes. The past of a person should not be something which prevents him being given a new chance.”
Sandro, student, 23

“I welcome this idea and fully support this initiative. I will be glad if Parliament passes this law. The Communist era and the Soviet system should be deeply buried in Georgia.”
Tika, student, 22

“They mustn’t hold these posts, because our Ministers and politicians should have a modern and progressive mentality.”
Anna, student 20

“I don’t agree with this. If someone is educated and talented he should hold a senior post, we need these politicians. I am sure some of them could be very successful Ministers or diplomats.”
Davit, doctor, 38

“They could hold some posts, but not senior Government posts. Nowadays the situation is very different from the period in which they were leading political figures. We need flexible, modern and educated politicians.”
Temo, footballer, 25

“I don’t want them to hold senior Government positions, their methods and ideas are quite old. It isn’t right to dismiss them from all Government institutions, but their candidatures mustn’t be accepted for senior posts. We have already been through the Soviet Union and rejected that system.”
Lasha, journalist, 41

“It is really interesting – why has this become such an issue today, after so many years have passed? If I am not mistaken Gia Tortladze has come out with this initiative and I suggest that he thinks firstly about his own background, how he got from the mountains to Parliament, and then present such a law, which will mean really talented people lose their jobs.”
Lali, housewife, 52