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Thursday, August 20
Successor to Mathew Bryza to visit Tbilisi in September

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Tina Kaidanov will arrive in Tbilisi in September, Vice Speaker of the Georgian Parliament Paata Davitaia, who is visiting the USA, has informed Interpressnews. He met Kaidanov at the US State Department yesterday.

Tina Kaidanov has replaced Matthew Bryza. Davitaia said that Kaidanov will meet with both Government and opposition representatives during her visit.

The Vice Speaker of Parliament described the meeting as very important as it was on her first day as US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. “We discussed the situation in the conflict zones, the consequences of the Russian aggression. Discussion of internal political processes took rather a long time within the framework of a two-hour meeting. She stated that the US is hoping to see democracy development in Georgia, especially amendments to the Election Code.”

Davitaia stated that Kaidanov once more expressed the US view that political processes in Georgia should be brought back into political frameworks and that Russian aggression could only be fought with democracy. More democracy will bring more support from the USA.

Davitaia will hold meetings at the White House with the representatives of the Security Council today. (Interpressnews)

Gia Chanturia - 50

Dissident and National Democratic party leader from 1981-1994 Giorgi Chanturia would have been 50 years old yesterday. NDP members gathered at his grave behind the altar of Kashveti Church where a memorial service was held.

Chanturia was born on August 19 1959. He established the underground National Democratic Party in 1981. He was actively involved in the dissident and then the national liberation movement. His challenge was to achieve the independence of the country.

Gia Chanturia was close to the Catholicos-Patriarch. He was murdered on December 3 1994 in front of his house. The National Democrats say this was the first case of political assassination in post-Soviet Georgia and hindered the state’s strengthening and its striving for the West. (Rustavi 2)

Tskhinvali denies Spartak will play in Russian Championship

The RES agency informs that official Tskhinvali has denied that Tskhinvali Spartak FC will participate in the Russian Championship. The de facto Ministry of Youth Affairs, Sport and Tourism has called this report a “Georgian provocation.”

“Tskhinvali Spartak is not going to participate in the Russian Championship because to participate in a foreign competition that competition must have open status. The Russian Championship is not open, so our team cannot participate in it.

Georgia has declared that it believes Tskhinvali Spartak will take part in the Russian Championship and the Georgian Football Federation intends to sue Russia over this in UEFA and FIFA. (Interpressnews)

Police arrest gang

Officers of the Kvemo Kartli Police Regional Main Division and Isani Samgori District Police Division have detained Armen Egekian (born 1987) Iagor Sirunian (born 1992) and Arkadik Teimurazian (born 1991) for being members of an organised criminal gang and robbing the family of Giorgi Chividichev (born 1934) and Lidia Nikolaeva-Magdalasova (born 1944) in the village of Opreti.

It is said that the detained persons tied Giorgi Chividichev and Lidia Nikolaeva-Magdalasova up with a cable and scotch tape and demanded cash and jewellery with menaces. As soon as the criminals had seized a certain amount of money and jewellery they left the crime scene and suffocated their victims with cushions and mattresses, as a result of which G. Chividichev died.

The detainees have already pled guilty. (Rustavi 2)

Old lady commits suicide

A 90-year-old woman has committed suicide in Tbilisi. Vianka Andriasova jumped from the balcony of the sixth floor of 21 Mickiewicz Street yesterday morning. Neighbours say she suffered from sclerosis.

Eyewitnesses say that the neighbours failed to stop the woman, who was preparing her suicide for several minutes. (Rustavi 2)