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Which of the current Ministers would you change and why?

Thursday, August 20
“I think our Government should be totally changed. A few Ministerial changes will not bring any results in our lives or in economics.”
Levan, pensioner, 71

“I would change the Minister of Justice because the court is not impartial and cannot make fair decisions. The judges are corrupt and it would be interesting to know how our Government plans to make Georgia democratic when the court system has failed.”
Tamar, housewife, 42

“The Minister of Refugees and Resettlement should be changed because refugees aren’t content with their conditions. These people have lost everything and now they don’t have even minimal living conditions.”
Giga, writer, 35

“Merabishvili and Adeishvili .If they are in Government nothing will change, as they have great influence. “
Lela, student, 20

“It is said that a new Government reshuffle is possible. I think this another show staged by our President. Some less important Ministers will be replaced, that’s all.”
Gia, scientist, 45

“Well, I like what the Ministers are doing: almost all of them are trying their best to improve things in their field. I don’t know exactly whom I would change but I know who I would never change, and that is Vano Merabishvili who is the best of the Ministers. Many may say that he is unfair but what he has done during these years should be praised. I remember perfectly the time when cars were stolen from yards and walking in the streets in the evening was dangerous. Now this danger just doesn’t exist.”
Sopho, bank employee, 36

“I would change the Minister of Culture because I am sure he knows nothing about this sphere. Rurua is not the best person for this post.”
Ani, lawyer, 24

“I don’t follow their activities much. I usually see Saakashvili on the TV, the others I don’t know.”
Lasha, student, 20

“I think Davit Sikharulidze, the Defence Minister, is not suitable for this position. He was an Ambassador for years, what a former Ambassador do in the Defence portfolio, I don’t know.”
Giorgi, unemployed, 54