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Friday, August 21
Georgia condemns destruction of houses in Gori Region

The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs has condemned the tearing down of houses in the Gori region. It says that Ossetian marauders, protected by a 10-member division of the Russian occupation army and an armoured troop carrier, went through the district dismantling houses saved by the Georgian population near the village of Disevi, near the so-called administrative border.

Georgian law enforcers informed the Russian Deputy Border Chief Dmitry Chigoev of what was going on, but received no response. The houses have been pulled apart and moved. The Georgian MIA assesses the incident as an attempt by the occupation forces to aggravate the situation in the area and calls on the Russian occupation forces to stop destroying houses immediately. (Interpressnews)

Paata Davitaia discusses threats facing Georgia at US Security Council

Vice Speaker of the Georgian Parliament Paata Davitaia has discussed threats facing Georgia with senior officials at the US Security Council.

“I stated that Russia’s new tactic is to create tension not only in conflict zones but along the perimeter of the state border, in places like Mamisoni Pass. The meeting discussed how Georgia should respond,” Paata Davitaia said.

Security Council members stated that the participation of opposition members in the Georgian Security Council was a significant event. Paata Davitaia will meet senior officials of the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy and Human Rights Development officials today. (Interpressnews)

Drivers in Kutaisi get what they want

The problem of the taxi drivers in Kutaisi has been solved. Trade Union Chair Irakli Petriashvili says he has received a letter signed by the Kutaisi Mayor, which confirms that the drivers will now be directly employed by the municipal autopark.

However Irakli Petriashvili told the media yesterday that similar agreements had been made earlier but had all been violated by the municipality. He says he will personally go on hunger strike together with the drivers, if this agreement is violated and this protest would last until the demands of the drivers are satisfied. (Rustavi 2)

Interior Minister attends opening of police station

The Georgian Interior Minister has attended the opening of a new police station in the Abasha district of the Samegrelo Region. The construction of the new building took seven months and it is equipped in accordance with the modern standards.

After the ceremony the Minister met the families of Georgian soldiers who died in the war with Russia last August and bestowed Vakhtang Gorgasali Orders posthumously. The soldiers were decorated by the order of the Georgian President. Five police officers who showed particular bravery during the August war were also given special awards. (Rustavi 2)

Coastal guards arrest another vessel with Panamanian flag

The guards of the Poti Regional Department of the Border Police Coastal Protection Operation have arrested their third vessel sailing under the flag of Panama flag in the last seven days. Officers of the Black Sea Convention Monitoring Service were also involved in the operation.

The vessel was waiting to be loaded when Convention Monitoring officers noticed it was polluting the sea with faeces. The vessel, called Egemen Doven, was due to transport aluminium from Poti Port.

“The crew has been already fined 65,462 GEL. The Egemen Doven entered Poti Port at 5 a.m. today and right after its arrival committed environmental pollution,” a Convention Monitoring Service official told reporters. (Rustavi 2)

Results of United National Examinations 2009 published

The results of the national examinations have been published on the official website of the National Examinations Centre

Head of the Centre Maia Miminoshvili says that about 20,600 school leavers of the 28,948 who applied will go on to higher education. More than 5,000 school leavers have gained the opportunity to apply for a second time for about 7,000 university places. The Centre will begin accepting their applications on August 21. The deadline is August 23.

The Centre will publish the results of these repeat applications together with the state financing list at the end of August or the beginning of September. The results of the United Masters Examinations were also published yesterday. (Interpressnews)

President hosts Russian director

The Georgian President hosted Russian film director Andrey Nekrasov in Batumi yesterday. Nekrasov has shot a 2-hour film on the August Georgia-Russia war based on real facts and materials.

The movie chronicles the August war impartially and reviews Russian policy towards Georgia in those days. It has not been released yet. The Georgian President thanked the director for his impartiality. (Rustavi 2)