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Compiled by Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Friday, August 21
IDP children to have a holiday in Greece

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that 11 IDP children from Abkhazia will have a holiday in the international camp in Athens. They will spend two weeks there with European children of the same age.

Giorgi Baramia, Chair of the legal Abkhaz Government, stated: “Our Government’s main priority is the spiritual, physical and cultural upbringing of the young generation. IDP children especially need our encouragement, which is why we have chosen 11 children from Abkhazia to send to Greece. They will be able to see Athens’s historic places and familiarise themselves with European culture.”

The holiday is being organised by the Abkhaz Government, the Greek Economy Ministry and the Saint Paul’s NGO.

Georgia’s only enemy is Saakashvili - Ramaz Klimiashvili

Alia reports that political analyst Ramaz Klimiashvili has said: “We should understand that this regime will not be changed by holding street rallies. The opposition is planning new demonstrations in the autumn but these will produce no results. The only political party which had support was the New Rights, but now they have joined Alasania’s group I don’t suppose anyone will vote for them. I have voted for them in the past but at present I can’t rely on them.

“Each season Merabishvili creates a new opposition group. Last year he created Tortladze and Davitaia and now he is presenting the Alasania group .Burjanadze will struggle till the end, and Natelashvili will not stop fighting, but a union of the two is unimaginable as Labour people have never hidden their aggression towards Nino Burjanadze,” Klimiashvili says, adding that if the opposition forces consolidate they will be significantly more effective. “Everyone should understand that Georgia has only one enemy and he is Mikheil Saakashvili,” says Klimiashvili.

If the opposition are planning new street rallies their failure is inevitable - Soso Tsintsadze

Rezonansi reports political analyst Soso Tsintsadze’s statement about the future plans of the opposition. “The people who stand in the street and swear at the Government mustn’t be considered the opposition. Alasania has chosen right tactics, he is an influential politician and never compromises his principles. At the next elections Alasania will be our Government’s real opponent,” he says.

“As for demonstrations, these can bring no results. 300-400,000 men have stood in streets and demanded Saakashvili’s resignation but without any outcome, he is still our President. The opposition state that Saakashvili must resign but they don’t care who will replace him, which is not a serious attitude. The opposition must change its methods and appeal,” Tsintsadze says. “On the other hand, I must point out that our opposition are trying to involve the Church in political issues as they frequently gather their supporters near Sameba Cathedral. They should understand that the Church is not a political institution” he remarks.

“The opposition have to wait and find some other way to proceed. If they block the streets again and break the law it will be worse for them, because the Government may start conducting repressions and innocent civilians will be the victims of these. If the opposition are planning new street rallies their failure is inevitable,” states Tsintsadze.