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Are you happy with the parking system in central Tbilisi at present?

Friday, August 21
“Definitely it is a good thing that a new parking system has been introduced in Tbilisi that will make it easier to park cars in the right place, on the other hand it is really expensive if you leave your car for the whole day in a parking place. I work from 9 to 6 p.m. and I pay GEL 5 per day.”
Giorgi, economist, 31

“I think some changes were necessary in the parking system, but I have just heard about the conditions and price and I am not really happy about it.”
Salome, teacher, 28

“I am happy with it, as frequently drivers park their cars in the wrong place, which causes unpleasant situations and accidents.”
Lela, pensioner, 65

“I am not against the new law, but I consider the fees are too high. I work at a public institution and my car is parked outside almost all day long. Some changes should be made to cater for people who have to park their cars outside for a long time because of their jobs.”
Roman, economist, 45

“I have just learned about the new parking system and think it is too strict and the fees are quite high. Our Government doesn’t care that people live in very bad economic conditions in Georgia. I will have to leave my car at home as I will not be able to park it outside for several hours.”
Temur, journalist, 31

“I am not very happy with the new parking system. It must be examined again and some corrections should be brought in. The parking places are often crowded and it is impossible to park the car, if you park it on the other side they will fine you. I don’t like this rule.”
Goga, student, 21

“CT Park has regulated the parking system and payment is also easy as there are three ways to pay for parking. Everyone should know how to drive and park their cars because incorrect parking often causes car accidents.”
Nika, distributor, 26

“I have no car, so I am not really concerned about parking. I hope the system will work well, and as the Government says help prevent traffic jams.”
Inga, housewife, 34