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Karabakh can only be resolved by making radical concessions

By Messenger Staff
Monday, August 24
Former MP Murat Petrosian, a political analyst from Nagorno Karabakh, thinks that the solution of the Karabakh problem depends greatly on the positions of Russia and the USA, who should reconcile the positions of Armenia and Azerbaijan, which are almost mutually exclusive.

Petrosian is very sceptical about this happening however, stating that real regulation of the conflict is possible only through at least one party making very serious concessions. Armenian President Levon Ter-Petrosian was forced to resign in 1998 for advocating such concessions. It is unlikely that Ilham Aliev, President of Azerbaijan, will ever recognise the independence of the Karabakh Republic, and any Armenian President who agreed to the possibility of wide autonomy for Karabakh within Azeri borders would also be forced to step down. The analyst draws the very pessimistic conclusion that in foreseeable future it will be difficult to sign and conclude any document establishing peace in the region.

Petrosian thinks that the USA is very much interested in seeing peace and stability in the region but Russia does not need a final determination of Karabakh’s status. Moscow prefers a situation where the resolution of the Karabakh problem depends on what the Kremlin’s position is. He suggests that at the moment it would be useful to create a document where Karabakh’s status is determined which both sides can interpret in the way they choose. However Petrosian admits that this most complicated task is almost impossible to fulfil.