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Georgia leaving the CIS creates a problem for Armenia

By Messenger Staff
Monday, August 24
As soon as Georgia withdrew officially from the CIS Armenia lost its direct land link with the rest of the alliance, states one of the leaders of the Dashnaktsutune Party Kiro Manoian. He says that Armenia is therefore in a very difficult situation but Georgia will use its common sense and not create further problems for Armenia.

Since it regained its independence Georgia has always been very sensible in its relations with Armenia, treating it in a good, friendly and neighbourly manner. The current situation, in which Georgia has withdrawn from the CIS and Armenia has lost direct contact with its strategic ally Russia, has been mainly caused by Moscow’s occupation of Georgian territories rather than any problem between Georgia and Armenia.

Formally of course Armenia has a land border with Russia via fellow CIS member Azerbaijan, but of course it is absolutely out of the question that Azerbaijan will ever allow Armenia to receive any goods from Russia through its territory before the Karabakh question is settled.