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Analysts regrets discharge of economy minister

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, August 26
Former MP, Professor Lado Papava is of the opinion that the discharge of Lasha Zhvania from the position of minister of economic development of Georgia indirectly signifies that integration with the EU, constantly promoted by the Georgian government is doomed to failure. Papava thinks that Zhvania was a distinctly European-oriented minister. He had a very clear cut position concerning Georgia’s membership in the EU; unfortunately his policy of creating a free trade regime with the EU was doomed. Papava thinks that state officials conduct a hypocritical policy. They discuss their European orientation but in practice are opposed to EU regulations and standards. Papava thinks that Zhvania was defeated by the Bendukidze faction.

Professor Alexander Tvalchrelidze thinks that Bendukidze’s policy has been to sell everything in Georgia, mostly to the Russians which would have created a nonsensical situation. On one hand we would not have diplomatic relations with Russia but on the other Russian businessmen would have been running the Georgian economy.