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Wednesday, August 26
Georgian Foreign Trade Turnover with EU states decreased 36.6 per cent

Georgian Foreign trade turnover with EU states is USD 833.6 mln for January -July 2009 which indicates a 36.6% decrease.

The Department of Statistics informed InterpressNews that of the amount mentioned the export share is USD127 mln and import is USD706.7 for a. 42.9% Export decrease and 35.4% Import decrease. Of the total of Georgia’s trade turnover,

20.6% export and 29.7% import is the share of EU states.

Trade turnover with CIS countries for the period of January -July 2009 was USD 898.4 mln which is 42% less in comparison to last year. USD 222.2 mln is the lower export amount and USD 676.2 mln is the import amount with CIS member countries in foreign turnover of Georgia. (interpressnews)

Moscow confesses Russian-Georgian war Complicated Russian Diplomats’ relations with the western colleagues

Moscow confesses that Russian diplomats’ relations with their western colleagues has become complicated after the war with Georgia. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrey Denisov stated that in the Interview to ‘Gazeta. ru‘. ‘We can’t hide that the problems exist, hiding that would be considered as a lie’ stated Denisov.

Denisov stated that Russia’s Western Colleagues criticize them for last year’s war but it is not a serious obstacle for their further relationship.

‘They demonstrate at the work dialogues that see what had happen and whose fault was that,’ stated Denisov. (interpressnews)

Abkhazia hands over its railway to Russia

Abkhazian railway will be handed over to Russia - Abkhazian separatist leader Sergey Baghapsh told a Russian newspaper, Vremya Novostey in his recent interview. Baghapsh has confirmed that the contract has already been signed with Russia.

According to the leader of the puppet regime, Russian Railway Department will allocate about 2 million rubles credit for the reconstruction works and further exploitation of the Abkhazian railway system. The loan will be covered by the company, which will take construction materials from Abkhazia to Russia. (Rustavi 2)

‘Rosneft’ launched Affiliated Company in Abkhazia

As Interfax informs, Ministry of Russian Company ‘ROSNEFT’ launched an affiliated company ‘RN-SHELF Abkhazi’ in Abkhazia. Authorized capital stock of registered new Company is 100% of Rostneft company.

The president of the Company Sergey Bogdanchikov stated that the company examines 2.5 thousand square of place. As the agency informs oil recourses of Abkhazia shelf along the Black Sea is 350-500 mln tones.

It’s planned about 10 gas-filling stations building throughout Abkhazia.

Leader of Sokhumi puppet mode Sergey Baghapsh stated to the newspaper ‘Vremja Novostei’ that he intends to make agreement on producing oil with Rosneft company. That will not disturb working of local businessmen. Rosneft promises Abkahzia of fixed prices on oil. (interpressnews)

Restaurant Taghlaura burnt down

Restaurant Taghlaura(in Dighomi,Tbilisi) has been completely burnt down by the fire, which broke out in one of the huts on Monday evening. 12 brigades of firefighters were trying to extinguish it during a whole hour. Luckily, no one has been injured in the incident. The police have already launched investigation to find out what caused the fire.

Reportedly, the fire broke out by the sparks from the fireplace, which reached the hay, by which the huts were covered. As far as the restaurant was made of wood and covered with hay, the fire spread all around it in a few minutes and the restaurant was completely burnt down.

The administration has not counted the damage so far. The fire did not destroy only one part of the restaurant, which was built with bricks, (Rustavi 2)

Elit Electronics Personnel ask Government to save their workplaces

Personnel of Elit Electronics ask their top management and government to save their workplaces. ‘The Shop network hasn’t been working for 5 days’, is stated in the appeal of the personnel. We have families and generally we earn for our living but now we all face unemployment threat’. As the personnel state they have loans and credit cards, therefore most of them threat to become homeless and without other living conditions.

More than 2000 people have become unemployed. As personnel state in the appeal, they ask management to save for them workplaces and inform that they will gather from 13.00 to 17.00 at the company’s head office every day.

Financial police imposed Elit Electronics to pay GEL 7 mln from year 2007 and the court process on the case hasn’t finished yet. Financial police imposed collection on them to receive this sum on August 10 2009. The company continued to work with cash during this period. Tax inspection came into the company to withdraw the sum. The company closed Elit El and Elit Electronics shop network’, - is said in the Company’s statement. (interpressnews)