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Compiled by Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, August 26
“Vintage 2009” started

Akhali Taoba reports that “Vintage 2009” has unofficially started. Kakhetian vine-grower Merab Gaboshvili has already sold 500 kg grapes to Tsnori’s winery and says he is content with the price he was paid. The Uzurnashvili family is also satisfied with this year’s harvest. Temur Uzurnashvili reports that the current year’s crop is much better compared with 2008. Tsnori winery is ready to buy grapes from farmers. “Tibaani 2000” is planning to receive 4000 tones of grapes. As the company director Ioseb Sukhashvili states, “Tibaani 2000” will pay 30 tetri for one kg Rkatsiteli. Minister of Agriculture, Bakur Kvezereli, announces that the Government intends to pay farmers extra 15 tetri for white grapes and additional 25 for red ones. Farmers will receive their money in three months at People’s Bank. “Vintage 2009” will last till late autumn

Mini buses will not be prohibited in Kutaisi

Akhali Taoba reports that mini bus negotiation between Kutaisi’s Municipality and Trade Unions have been completed successfully. A special document was signed, which permits movement of mini buses in the city.

Information about this agreement was announced by Trade Union leader Irakli Petriashvili and Christian Democrats chairman Giorgi Akhvlediani at the briefing. Petriashvili commented that 271 drivers will not have to leave their working places. “Our efforts had a positive result and Kutaisi mini buses drivers will not lose their jobs”-stated Petriashvili.

Colonization policy will continue

24 saati has published a statement of official Tbilisi, which considers Russian’s Natural Resources Ministry’s initiative to create a biospheric polygon in the Caucasus region as a continuation of their colonization policy. Goga Khachidze, Georgia’s Environment protection and Natural resources Minister, states that:” after their military occupation of Georgia, Russia is carrying out the ecological destruction of our country. According to international law, the Russian Government has no right to behave in this way. The Abkhaz breakaway region’s leadership should react to this issue as well. By cutting down forests and exporting (to Russia) sand and gravel Abkhaz ecology will have an irreparable loss.” The minister added that Ritsa Lake reserve zone and Kodory gorge are Georgian protected territories and Russia has no juridical right to use them for its own purposes. Khachidze is appealing to the international Olympic committee to pay attention to Russia’s intentions and prohibit that country from holding the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.

Dimitri Shashkin met refugees in the village of Tsilkani

Akhali Taoba reports a statement that Dimitri Shashkin, Minister of Corrections and legal assistance, has had a meeting with the Tskhinvali Region refugees in the village of Tsilkani. He has listened to their problems and promised help. The Minister has presented lawyers who will provide free of charge legal advice for refugees if needed. Dimitri Shashkin holds these kinds of meetings with population every week.