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Which party and leader do you think is the most reliable from the oppositional forces?

Wednesday, August 26
I think that Irakli Alasania is the most reliable politician in today’s Georgia. He will be really appropriate candidacy for the Presidential elections.
Lika, student, 21

We have no reliable politicians in Georgia. Everyone has only one desire- to get as much money as possible, no one thinks about pure people. If opposition leaders come to power, the same situation will repeat.
Gia, pensioner, 56

“I don’t believe in opposition parties, especially Parliament Opposition. They don’t know what to do, which way is better, have frequent confrontations. They should sit and bring some changes in their policy.”
Otar, dentist, 41

“I think that Conservative and Labour Parties are the most reliable at present situation. I will vote for them.”
Nika, actor, 26

“I think that none of Georgian politicians deserve to have a power, all of them have committed different kinds of crimes in the past and it doesn’t matter where they are now – in government or in the opposition”.
Rezo, IT specialist, 27

“Alasania seems to be most moderate and intelligent of the whole opposition, I think he is right candidature for leading our country in the future.”
Mariam, lawyer, 32

“I still support Nino Burjanadze. She is a wise politicians and I think she has the ability to take calm and useful decisions for Georgia. After Saakashvili we need someone who will think twice before acting”.
Koba, technician, 27

“After three moths of the manifestation, there is only one man among the opposition that deserves any chance in politics it’s Irakli Alasania. In addition,he used to have good relations with Abkhazians”.
Lado, doctor, 55