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Russian aggression has undermined the idea of a motorway around the Black Sea

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, August 27
When it was first proposed, Russian PM Vladimir Putin supported the idea of a motorway encircling the Black Sea, and signed a draft memorandum about its construction. He even submitted the draft project to the Russian Duma for ratification.

Andrey Trubitsin, a consultant to the Russian ministry of transportation, thinks that the most difficult problem impeding development of the motorway is the situation in the Caucasus. Despite the fact that Georgia ratified the memorandum on the project, the issue is still not clear and Georgia has not proceeded with the project, states the consultant.

Trubitsinis following the typical Russian policy of pretending that he does not understand the reason for Georgia’s reluctance to proceed, completely ignores last Augusts’ invasion and occupation of Georgian territories by Russia to create the so called ‘independent states’. As a result of these actions by the Russians, it is absolutely impossible for Georgia to continue collaborating with them on the motorway.

According to the draft project, the 7 140 kilometre long motorway, if completed, will encircle the Black Sea. The motorway would connect Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. The project also envisages some connecting roads which presumably would make it possible for other countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Serbia and Albania to have access to the motorway.

This possibility creates concern in Azerbaijan. The Azeri government suspects that this motorway could be used by Russia and Armenia to rescue Armenia from the economic blockade currently in force over the Armenian occupation of the Azeri territory of Nagorno Karabakh and adjacent regions. Azerbaijan imposed the blockade on Armenia and Turkey closed its border with Armenia. As a result, Armenia receives supplies overland only from Iran and Georgia. And Georgia is not allowing passage through the country of supplies and equipment which could be used by the Armenian military.