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Compiled by Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, August 27
Russian soldier granted IDP status

Rezonansi repots that the Ministry of Refugees and Resettlement has granted the status of IDP to Russian soldier Dimitri Artemiev, who escaped from the village of Perevi. As the Ministry Press Service states, Artemiev gained this status on August 4 and takes special assistance of about 28 GEL per month. By UNOís aid he was given a living space. The Russian soldier escaped from Pereviís Russian military unit on July 2 and asked for refuge in Georgia. He said the reason for his flight was the extremely bad conditions in the military base. The Russian side has started a case against Artemiev. He is blamed for taking his weapon while deserting the army but our Government refused the soldierís transfer to Russian authority.

Labour Party demands City Park abolishment

Akhali Taoba reports that the Labour Party has held a demonstration in front of Tbilisi City Council building. They stated that the City Park Company is Saakashvili and Ugulavaís property and demanded that it be abolished. As Labour Party General Secretary Ioseb Shatberashvili suggested, Gigi Ugulava led this company in Georgia and established a special tax and prohibited free of charge car parking. ďIf somebody stops a car in the yard he will have to pay 20 tetri for an hour. The price is higher in the city areas-50 tetri and some are even 1 GEL. The worst fact is that they have dismissed the car parking agents who were standing in the streets and controlling car parking. Our Government doesnít worry that they are left without income. We will continue our demonstration till our demands about City Park abolishment and the parking agentís restoration in their jobs are completed.Ē

Subari applies to Bakradze

Akhali Taoba reports on Ombudsman Sozar Subariís appeal to the Parliament speaker, Davit Bakradze, wherein he demands that the ombudsmanís representatives not be prevented by the prison administration while monitoring the Penitentiary System. He asks the Parliament Speaker to pay attention to this issue and enable his subordinates to properly carry out their responsibilities. As the Ombudsmen stated, jail 7-th administration didnít allow his representatives to speak confidentially with the prisoners. Subari had advised the Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance, Dimitri Shashkin about this event. According to the Ministers deputy, Akaki Seperteladze, in Western countries prisoners are not allowed to talk privately in cells with the Public Defenders representatives. There is a special room for it in Georgian prisons, like in Western countries and advises the Ombudsman to use it while talking with imprisoned people. Sozar Subari says that Separteladzeís arguments are illegal and asks the Parliament to address this issue.

Kakhetian farmers canít sell their water-melon crop

Rezonansi reports that it is hard for Kakhetian farmers to sell their water-melon crop. Compared with the 2008, the harvest is better this year but sales are lower. Farmers say that:Ē we sold more than a ton of watermelon and melon per day last year but now we can hardly sell 400-500 kg a day. We will not be able to transport our crop to Tbilisi as we donít have enough money. ď

10 Wine Companies will purchase grapes

Rezonansi reports that at least 10 Wine Companies will purchase grapes in the Kakheti Region. Giorgi Gviniashvili, the Presidentís representative in Kakheti, states:Ē these wineries are ready to buy grapes from farmersĒ. More than 150 tons of grapes are expected to be harvested in the Region. According to official information, some Georgian Wine Companies are not planning to purchase grapes from farmers this year. For example, Kindzmarauli intends to process only grapes from its own vineyard, as is Alaverdi Wine Company. In spite of the difficulties, the Ministry of Agriculture, states that the farmers will have no problems selling their grapes and the Government will assist them.