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Do you think that Russia’s recognition of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia makes it harder to restore Georgia’s territorial integrity and do you think any other state might follow Russia’s example?

Thursday, August 27
“In my opinion, it is a very bad sign that Russia has recognized the independence of our breakaway regions, because it sets some kind of negative precedent. It is hard to say if any other states will follow Russia’s example, it seems quite improbable right now.”
Nutsa, artist, 27

“I was shocked when last year I head the news about Russia recognizing Abkhazia and South Ossetia. I could not believe this. One year on it is still hard to believe that Russia could have been so shameless. I hope Russia will stay the only country which has recognized our territories as independent states.”
Tamila, teacher, 56

“Russia will soon regret that it has recognized these two regions as independent. Because for years it will remain the only one to be the partner of the two puppet regimes, I am sure this fact has greatly damaged Russia’s reputation and has shown its real face to the whole world.”
Levan, economist, 24

Russia recognized the breakaway regions’ independence; it is fact, the Russian Government has always wanted these territories. Of course, it will be a very hard process for us to restore our territorial integrity.
Nia, student, 20

Russia recognized S. Ossetia and Abkhazia and some other friends of Russia will as well. But, I am sure, that our Northern neighbor will show its real image very soon and confrontation will take place between Abkhaz people and Russians.
Temo, editor, 45

It has no meaning. Russia will recognize these regions’ independence or not. The fact is that Russia has occupied our territories and we can’t even go there to see our relatives. It will be really very difficult for us to reintegrate Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
Levan, singer, 31

“It had been obvious even before this recognition that Russia supported their independence. I think in regards to the chances of the lost territories returning to Georgia, this official recognition changed nothing. I don’t think any other country will ever think seriously about doing the same as Russia did”.
Mzia, dentist, 49

“Russia knows how to fight. This recognition officially proved the support of our neighbor to the separatists. Before the war they had been pretending to be peacekeepers”.
Maka, student, 21

“Of course the recognition of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia makes it harder in some ways for our lost territories to return. But everybody knew that sooner or later this was going to happen. I don’t think any other state will join Russia in this”.
Goga, actor, 32