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Monday, August 31
More prisoners to enjoy early release

Four hundred convicts will enjoy early releases in September. The release programme will be conducted on the so-called `UDO` principle, which means that a council of nine experts will study the case of each prisoner and recommend that some should be set free before the expiration of their terms.

In August 195 prisoners were released early, 169 were pardoned by the President on the feast of Dormition (August 28) and 69 had their sentences reduced. (Rustavi 2)

One dies in car accident near Galaktioni monument

One person died in a car accident near the Galktioni monument yesterday, Interpressnews was informed by Deputy Director of the Republican Hospital Irakli Rukhadze. “Three injured people are being treated here but their condition is satisfactory,” Irakli Rukhadze stated.

The accident occurred at about 11:00. Three cars collided. (Rustavi 2)

Tribute paid to the missing

Chair of the legal Abkhazian Government Gia Baramia and other members paid tribute to the memory of those listed as missing in action during the Abkhazian war at the Dighomi Brothers’ cemetery. There are about 2,000 such people. He also viewed an exhibition of photos at the museum of the Molodini (Expectation) Fund.

Gia Baramia hopes that the lament of Georgian mothers will be responded to by Abkhazian mothers and that if anyone has any information about graves of the missing they will report it to the Georgian side. Head of the Molodini Fund Nineli Andriadze stated that there have not been very intense links made with the Abkhazian side in this respect. “The contacts we had weakened after the Russian aggression, and in the Tskhinvali region relations were effectively stopped after Eduard Kokoity came to power,” Nineli Andriadze stated.

57 fighters for the territorial integrity of Georgia are buried in the Dighomi Brothers’ cemetery. (Interpressnews)

Georgian MPs to visit Saingilo, Azerbaijan

Georgian lawmakers will visit Saingilo, the region of Azerbaijan populated by ethnic Georgians. Members of the Natonal Movement and the Christian Democratic Party plan to attend the traditional festivities of Georgians.

The MPs will meet teachers working at local Georgian schools and attend several events, including the final of a football tournament. The Christian Democrats will present the winner with a special prize.

Saingilo is a 19th-century term used to indicate the eastern part of the historic region of Hereti. Saingilo includes the districts of Balakan, Zaqatala and Kakh –4,780 km2 of present day Azerbaijan. (Rustavi 2)

Police find child’s body

Police have found the corpse of 8-year-old Alaverd Bairamov, who his family had been searching for three days. The family asked the police for help only yesterday.

It is reported that the child was raped and then killed. Some teenagers are suspected of the crime and the police are searching for them.

The parents of the child trade at the Navtlughi market. The family has already taken the body to their native village, Kharajala. (Rustavi 2)

Russian President slams PACE for its approach

The Russian President has slammed the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for its resolution on World War Two, which declares Germany and Russia equally accountable for it.

In his weekly interview “Talks With the Russian President,” Medvedev said he disapproved of the resolution. “Excuse me, but this is a cynical lie,” Medvedev said, adding that the developments of the 20th century had become subject to various interpretations in Europe today.

In the interview, the Russian President talked about education in Russia and the Government’s plans in this regard. Russian TV stations aired the full version of the interview yesterday evening. (Rustavi 2)