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Do you think that serious protests will start in autumn or has the opposition exhausted itself for the time being?

Wednesday, September 2
“I think no serious protests are possible in autumn, as the people are very tired of these street rallies and demonstrations. They also have no meaning. The opposition should find some other way to confront the Government.”
Neli, doctor, 45

“Protests will start, as the Government hasn’t kept its promises. People live in very bad conditions, especially refugees. The level of unemployment is still very high. Competent persons aren’t filling Government posts. Poor people have no other way but street demonstrations to express their dissatisfaction.”
Gia, economist, 61

“In my opinion, protests will start again, as the relationship between the Government and the opposition parties is still very strained. Besides, economic problems are not settled.”
Levan, engineer, 38

“Demonstrations could very possibly start, as the political and economic situation of Georgia has not changed. People have the same problems, but I suppose that not many people will stand in the streets, as the opposition has lost the trust of many citizens.”
Natia, student, 20

“I think the opposition could have done more, but it failed, so it should now try to find some other ways to regain the trust of the population. I personally will not go to their rallies any more. I am a bit frustrated.”
Liana, housewife, 48

“I was always sure that the opposition would achieve nothing with their protest rallies. I am more than sure now that they will achieve nothing in autumn as well. I would suggest that they wait for the next Presidential and Parliamentary elections and try their luck then.”
Dato, engineer, 52

“It seems like the opposition do not know what they are going to do. I support them but would like to see a more detailed action plan for the coming season.”
Tsotne, student, 23

“The opposition should keep on fighting. This is no time for giving up. Saakashvili is in agony and this is obvious by his latest actions. I hope the opposition will take bolder steps towards victory.”
Inga, accountant, 35

“I don’t think there will be any protests in autumn. Everyone will wait for the local elections, and I think this is a rather wise decision.”
Rezo, unemployed, 41