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Do you think that mutual accusations over the Black Sea between de facto Abkhazia and Georgia will lead to a new conflict?

Thursday, September 3
“While Georgia still doesn’t control Abkhazia it is too early for us to talk about this. In the present situation this discussion is meaningless. It is better for us to look after our own affairs at present. As for whether conflict is possible, I think another confrontation is not feasible in the region. Europe is on the alert after last August’s events and will not allow any straining of relations.”
Temo, physicist, 25

“Every conflict begins in this way and these continual accusations and confrontations only strain the situation more. The Georgian side should try to neutralise the difficulties and not be provoked by the de facto leaders.”
Nino, dentist, 32

“In the near future I do not think another conflict is possible in the region. Georgia does not need more confrontation, perhaps the Abkhazian and South Ossetian leaders will try to strain situation but without Russia’s support this will be impossible. I don’t think Russia will dare to repeat what it did last year as Western countries and the USA are against war in the Caucasus.”
Levan, historian, 48

“It is very difficult to say. We didn’t think there would be a war last August, but it started and due to some accusations and incidents. Our Government should do its best not to make the same mistake.”
Ana, pensioner, 56

“Yes, I think Russia and Abkhazia are seeking reasons to start a new confrontation. I hope our Government will be wise enough not to get hooked by their provocations.”
Lela, accountant, 49

“All these statements by Georgia, Russia and the separatists scare me a bit. I think tensions are mounting in Western Georgia and in Abkhazia. Of course I cannot predict anything, but there is a probability of some incidents for sure.”
Giga, engineer, 31

“I have some relatives in Abkhazia who live in the Gali region and they say the situation is not as bad there as some Georgian TV channels are reporting. I have a feeling that our media is trying to inflate some things, and this is bad. It can have dangerous consequences.”
Lia, teacher, 50

“I don’t think either Abkhazia or Georgia would want to start a new war. In my opinion these are just accusations and statements, which will have no serious results. We can’t exclude any possible development but further complication of the situation is not expected I guess.”
Irakli, PR specialist, 27