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Dramatic decrease in Georgia’s population

By Messenger Staff
Friday, September 4
Population Reference Bureau, an influential US based organisation, has come to the dramatic conclusion that by 2050 Georgia’s population will be 28 percent lower. It has drawn this conclusion from Georgian Department of Statistics data. Georgian analysts however think that in reality the situation is even more alarming.

The Department of Statistics says that in 2007 Georgia’s population was 4.4 million, but the Director of the Demographic Institute Avtandil Sulaberidze estimates it was 3.8 million at that time. In mid-2007 entire world population was around 6.6 billion. From 1950 to 2007 the world’s population increased 2.6 times but Georgia’s only 1.1 times.

Between 1975 and 2007 the overall population tendency in Georgia is downward. While the world’s population will have increased by 2050, reaching more than 9 billion, the Georgian population will decrease by up to around three million. India will have 1.66 billion people by that time, China 1.4 billion.

Between now and 2050 the Ukrainian population will also decrease by 33 percent and Russia’s by 25, but Iran’s population will increase by 40 percent, Turkey’s by 32 percent, Armenia’s by 16 percent and Azerbaijan’s by 10 percent.