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Friday, September 4
Eight Georgians arrested in Israel

Israeli immigration police have arrested eight Georgian nationals on the Israel-Egypt border on suspicion of crossing the Israeli border illegally. Local police report that a mother and her 15-year-old son are among the detainees.

The Georgians have been taken to the police department for interrogation. They could be deported from the country.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry has warned Georgian citizens not to travel in foreign countries illegally and have highlighted the dangerous route from Egypt to Israel. The number of Georgian migrants has increased recently. (Rustavi 2)

Tbilisi hosts international conference on conflicts

Tbilisi is hosting an international conference on the situation in Georgia’s conflict regions. Organised by the Centre of Caucasus and the Black Sea Research of the Georgian University, the conference was opened by the Chair of the university’s supervisory board, Professor Giuli Alasania.

The aim of the conference is to enable Georgian and foreign researchers on conflicts to analyse the situation in the South Caucasus together. The experts will focus on conflicts in Georgia in particular, due to last year’s war between Georgia and Russia. (Rustavi 2)

Two new cases of H1N1 registered in Georgia

Two further cases of the H1N1 virus have been registered by the National Centre of Disease Control. Its staff say both cases were imported.

The infected persons are a man who arrived in Georgia from Great Britain and a woman returning from Spain. They remain under the observation of doctors, who say their infection is very slight. They say all 15 patients presenting the disease previously have completely recovered.

The medical centre staff say that cases of H1N1 infection may increase as the temperature falls, and clinics have prepared special isolated wards for serious cases. The country has sufficient reserve of medicines, but doctors still call upon citizens to be careful and apply to clinics if they have symptoms similar to H1N1. (Rustavi 2)

Abkhazian cultural centre to be built in Moscow by 2011

An Abkhazian culture centre will be built in Moscow by 2011, RIA-Novosti reports. It will include hotel and office complexes and be built on Zemlianni Val. Moscow City Hall states that Mayor Yuri Luzhkov has already signed the corresponding order.

The centre will be built on 0.37 hectares of land. Story-Invest Ltd is the main investor. Construction will be complete by 2011, though the Moscow administration says it is planned to open the centre in 2010. (Interpressnews)

Murder suspect arrested

Officers of the Gldani-Nadzaladevi district police division of the Ministry of Interior have detained Olga Koniukhova, 32, on suspicion of killing her common law spouse Iuri Volkov, 27.

It is reported that an argument between Olga Koniukhova and Iuri Volkov led to physical confrontation in which Koniukhova inflicted lethal injuries on Volkov with a knife. She has already pled guilty, it is alleged. An investigation is taking place under Article 108 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian Labour Party demands that religion be taught in public schools

The Georgian Labour Party is proposing that the principles of religion are taught in public schools again. Giorgi Gugava, the Political Secretary of the party, said at a press conference yesterday that “to bring up future generations with true values, the Georgian Education Ministry should reinstate religious classes in the curriculum and clerics or persons recommended by them should be allowed to teach religion to schoolchildren.”

Giorgi Gugava also said that a rally calling for this and the resolution of other education issues would be held outside the Education Ministry today. Gugava said that he hopes that society will express its strong support for the Labour Party on this matter of common concern. (Rustavi 2)