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In your opinion, how will not letting two Russian journalists into Georgia affect Russian-Georgian relations?

Friday, September 4
“I think this was not the right step from the Georgian side. Our Government has no precise information on whether they came here from Abkhazia or not. It will effect Georgian –Russian relations negatively.”
Levan, student, 21

“I have heard that these journalists broke the law. The Georgian side has behaved adequately. Everyone should respect our country’s territorial integrity.”
Nino, doctor, 36

“I thought that the Russian journalists’ arrival in Georgia would have been very positive step in improving these two countries’ strained relationship. When I heard that they had broken the law I thought our authorities had made a right decision but it appears that Government representatives aren’t absolutely sure that they arrived here from the breakaway region. Our Government should be more informed in such cases.”
Roman, historian, 67

“Russia’s journalists and citizens should respect our territorial integrity. I consider our response was absolutely correct. As for whether a new confrontation may start or not, I suppose that no significant changes are possible in the relationship.”
Eka, singer, 29

“Freedom of speech should be protected and journalists, regardless of nationality, should have access to information. By prohibiting these journalists from entering Georgia our Government showed its weakness.”
Shalva, translator, 38

“I think everyone should be equal under the law and if Georgian laws prohibit people from visiting Abkhazia and Ossetia foreigners should respect this if they want to conduct any activities here.”
Lamara, accountant, 54

“The Government just refused to let some Russian propagandists into the country and I think they did right. These people have been to Abkhazia and South Ossetia supporting the separatists and now they want to be welcomed in Georgia, that’s just not fair.”
Davit, temporarily unemployed, 32

“Relations between Russia and Georgia are already very bad, so there is no need to close our eyes to wrongdoing if it takes place. I don’t know what happened exactly, but if they really entered Abkhazia illegally they should be punished.”
Gega, student, 19,

“It was a mistake to kick out the Russian journalists, whether they were really guilty or not. They came here to talk about Russian-Georgian relations, at least they said so, and I would prefer the Georgian Government to be more careful when dealing such things.”
Maka, accountant, 30