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Monday, September 7
Strong explosion occurs on Tbilisi-Zugdidi main railway line

A strong explosion occurred on the Tbilisi-Zugdidi main railway line at dawn on Sunday. The explosion was heard on the Enguri sector of the railway while a passenger train from Tbilisi was on the line.

Experts have already examined the site of the blast. It is reported that the blast was caused by a mixture of chemicals which was activated as soon as the train approached. An investigation has been launched.

No casualties have been reported but the train has been damaged. The passengers were taken to their destinations by bus. However despite the incident other trains ran as scheduled and the Zugdidi-Tbilisi train set off at 10 a.m. without hindrance.
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About 60 pupils from upper Gali attend school in Tsalenjikha district

Minister of Education of the Abkhazian Government Dali Khomeriki has told Interpressnews that about 60 pupils from upper Gali are now studying in the Tsalenjikha district. The Russian occupiers are not allowing children in upper Gali to learn in the Georgian language, so they

Travel to Tsalenjikha to be educated in Georgian, although as the Minister stated Russian occupiers control the border crossing.

The situation is better in lower Gali as pupils are being allowed to learn in Georgian there. 11 schools out of 31 still have right to teach in Georgian. In other schools teachers are at great risk if they teach in the Georgian language, stated Khomeriki.

Two new H1N1 cases confirmed in Georgia

Two new cases of so-called swine flu have been confirmed in Georgia. Representatives of the Georgian Healthcare Ministry say this brings the number of such cases up to 20. Two Georgians - a young man and a child - have been infected.

The young man arrived from Turkey and the child was infected through contact with his parents who returned from Bulgaria a few days ago. Both cases were revealed through tests and the patients are being treated at home.

Representatives of the Healthcare Ministry reiterate that there is no danger of the virus spreading and there are no grounds for panic.
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Abkhaz criminal dies in dispute with Russian occupiers

Shooting was heard for several minutes at the Russian checkpoint in the village of Zemo Bargebi in Gali district on Saturday night. Locals said the shooting was preceded by a loud dispute between Russian occupiers and Abkhaz criminals.

Former police officer Ramaz Abukhba was killed and one of the criminals, Dato Ubilava, was badly wounded in the shooting. Ubilava died in Sokhumi hospital on Sunday morning. Reportedly, one of the occupiers has also been wounded, although the aggressors refrain from commenting on this.

It is believed that the reason for the conflict was a trophy which the criminals and occupiers could not divide among themselves. A Russian anti-terrorist unit will now be deployed at the Zemo Bargebi checkpoint.
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Strong hail inflicts serious damage on five villages in the Kaspi district

Hail has inflicted serious damage on five villages in Kaspi. The hail, which lasted for 20 minutes, completely destroyed food crops in the village of Khovle. The locals say they can`t recall a similar strong hailstorm in their villages.

Fruit, vegetables and grain have been destroyed, poultry has died. A special commission which will assess the damage has been created. The locals are asking for compensation.
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Famous Georgian writer Nodar Dumbadze to be reburied in Mtatsminda Pantheon

Famous Georgian writer Nodar Dumbadze will be reburied in the Mtatsminda Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures in Tbilisi, Georgian Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II said in his sermon at the Holy Trinity Cathedral on Sunday. The body of the famous writer will be taken from Mziuri Park to the Mtatsminda Pantheon on September 14, the anniversary of his death.

Ilia II also blessed children displaced from the Tskhinvali Region and bestowed awards on clerics from the Dedoplistskaro district. He expressed hope that a revival would soon start in Georgia.

Nodar Dumbadze’s family members have already given their consent for reburying the writer in the Mtatsminda Pantheon. A special commission of the writer’s friends and celebrities will organise the reburial.

Nodar Dumbadze died of a heart attack in 1984. He has been buried in Mziuri Children`s Town, which he built himself.
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6 teenagers given awards for participating in Peace Marathon

Six teenagers, IDPs from Abkhazia, have been given awards at Pushkin Square for participating in the Peace Marathon. Girls Tamar Kakulia, Mediko Kakhiani and Mariam Gerliani, and boys Nika Kajaia, Temur Bendeliani and Aleko Shukvani were awarded certificates and trophies by UN representatives and famous Georgian sportsmen.

Minister of Education of the legal Abkhazian Autonomous Republic Dali Khomeriki stated that the peace marathon sent a message beyond the Enguri river. She called on her Abkhazian sisters and brothers to join the previous participants and added that only peaceful coexistence will assure their mutual future.

More than 300 IDPs from Abkhazia participated in the marathon yesterday.